5 Must-Read Books for Your Pregnancy

My avid readers know that I am a bookworm. I can eat, sleep and breathe books. I love to read from every genre, be it fiction or non-fiction. So when I was pregnant, I was elated with the thought of how much time I would get with my books. I treat my books as adventures and when I say that I sleep and breathe books, it like I live the characters and carry them wherever I go. My pregnancy reading list was long and sort with my trimester. Today, I am going to share some of my books with you so that you too can have a good time with all the books when you are waiting for your little bundle to arrive.

I love to read every sort of books. That is why I did not stop myself from reading Dracula by Bram Stoker while I was two months pregnant. (A deed I regretted later. I was so scared for my baby that I prayed to keep the thoughts of Dracula away from my mind. By the way, I am very fond of vampires, one especially, by name of Edward Cullen. :0) So ladies, who are now in this blissful stage of your life, go by my example and don’t you dare reading Dracula but you must read books to run the positivity to your mind and to your baby.

Books are mankind’s best friends. They are the powerhouse and knowledge chests that our elders had left for us and what we would leave for our next generations. A good book calms your mind, provoke your thoughts and create clear insight of what kind of life you would like to give your child. A good book list for pregnancy must contain books on pregnancy as well as on other aspects of life. I read all sorts of books all the time but after my horrendous experience with the infamous Dracula (A pity that I waited so long to read the book but fallen prey during my pregnancy. A deed I will never forgive myself), I chose wisely.

Pregnancy books are specially curated for pregnant ladies on how to lead a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. They are full of useful and easy to follow advises which you can adopt according to your lifestyle. My advice here is to add these books to your reading list along with other you choose to read. Repeat the books you love to read. Those well read books would give you the joy of reading once again and help you to cope up with mood swings.

The list here is a small part of the reading list that I read while I was pregnant. So, each of the books are read and well advised.

5 Must-Read Books for Your Pregnancy


5 Must-Read Books for Your Pregnancy

What to Expect When You Are Expecting

Deemed as the pregnancy Bible, What to Expect When You Are Expecting is the must read book during your pregnancy. It has advices for every query in your mind whether it is food, the kick on your tummy, sex or anything that crosses your mind. The book is sold 7 million copies worldwide and it says its acceptance among the readers.

What to Eat When You’re Pregnant

This is your book and guide if you want to eat well for both of you and your baby. Loaded with 50 recipes and a week by week guide on what to eat and when to eat, it is the little ‘dietician’ you need on your bookshelf.

Fit Pregnancy: The Complete Health Plan For You And Your Baby

An amazing guide to a healthy and fit pregnancy. The book has simple, funny and handy tips for the to be mom and dad. Most importantly, it busted lots of pregnancy myths and acts as a good adviser.

5 Must-Read Books for Your Pregnancy

Harry Potter

Yes. You read it right. I read and recommend Harry Potter in every stage of life including pregnancy. The series is not mere children’s book but they are the tales of love, compassion, friendship, and sacrifices. If you want to infuse the reading habit in your baby, I advise to read it aloud to your bump. I learned these things from Lily Potter, the mom who sacrificed her life for her son.


What is the best book to hone your Indian values before you child arrives than the Mahabharata? The epic is not only a mythological tale but it is the mine of teaching and values which made us Indian.

I hope you read and get benifitted from the books from my reading list. Have a good reading and fantastic pregnancy!

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