5 Things To Keep A Baby’s Soft Skin Safe

Being a mother is not always an easy task. You have to be alerted for your little prince/princess every second of the day. Even you are in deep sleep, your subconscious mind will always be alert to save your baby. Somebody says right that as the God can not be everywhere, He created mother to protect the child from everything. When tiny fingers curl your hand and look at you before doing something new, the feeling is something beyond description. They need the assurance that mumma is there to protect if anything goes wrong. It is the same assurance that you have given the baby when it was in your belly that everything will be fine. So, when it comes to your baby’s safety, naturally the instinct is to protect everything of him.

A dry and healthy baby is a happy baby!

When it comes to the daily care of your baby, mothers are always tensed about everything. Is his clothes are clean or not, is he tired, is he hungry, is he fresh or not… a million questions roam every minute in a mother’s mind. I am also not exceptional and it’s very hard to be able not to panic in every minute worrying about him. I read somewhere during the initial days of motherhood that a baby who is well fed, well slept and without any skin irritation is a happy baby. Well, I tried and succeeded in keeping my son happy and in good mood till now. I make sure he is fed on time; takes his nap on time and his skin is always safe from irritation. I can boast that my baby has not got any diaper rash till now. So, what do I do to keep my baby’s skin safe from any kind of irritation or infection?


I follow some simple tricks every day so that my baby’s skin remains healthy and moisturized. Today, I am going to share them with you so that somewhere some new mommy can help her to keep her baby’s skin safe and healthy.

    • The first and foremost thing to keep your baby’s skin safe is to moisturize it every day. Every pediatrician advice not to use any cream or lotion until your baby is two weeks old. But my baby’s skin was so sensitive that we could not use any baby lotion or cream for a long time. As a result, his skin was getting rough day by day. I was panicked but thought to research. After not much searching, I found that every skin irritation can be cured by using coconut oil. I started using coconut oil on my baby’s skin and it worked!! I used on his face, whole body, as a diaper rash cream, I mean for everything. The result? My baby’s skin got smoother and healthy. Till now, I use coconut oil for massaging him, before and after changing a diaper and on his hair. So, if you want to keep skin infection or irritation at bay, coconut oil is your assault weapon. Just use any brand of coconut (I use Parachute brand) and see the difference.

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  • Be sure that your baby’s clothes are thoroughly rinsed off and there is no residual detergent in it. If they are not thoroughly rinsed off, it can cause rashes on your baby’s skin. I also advice new mommies to mix Dettol or any antiseptic liquid on the last rinsing so that there are no germs in his clothes. And do not forget to dry them properly.
  • One of the major things to keep your baby’s skin safe is to protect it from diaper rash. Make sure you change diapers at regular intervals. During the diaper changing rituals, clean the whole area with plain water or any wipes and apply diaper rash cream. I use coconut oil as mentioned earlier. Make it sure that you choose the right size diaper so that the diaper is not too hard on his skin. And it is better if you keep him diaper free for at least one hour every day. It is better if you use the softest diaper for your baby. I generally use pampers baby pants diaper. Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is#SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.


  • To keep your baby’s skin safe and healthy, make sure that you do not use harsh chemicals during the bath rituals. Use any baby friendly soap so that his skin gets clean yet moisturized. I sometimes use Neem water (water boiled with Neem leaves) to keep his skin infection free. Just boil some Neem leaves in a mug of water and mix it with your baby’s bath water. Your homemade disinfectant is ready to use.
  • While it comes to clothing, always use natural fibers like cotton for your baby’s clothes. Cotton soaks the extra sweat and keeps the skin dry while he is playing. It also maintains the air circulation so that your baby’s skin remains irritation free. It is also one of the reasons that I use Pampers baby pants diaper. They are cottony soft and keep your baby dry and happy.

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