5 Most Essential Apps for Work from Home Moms

This article is a part of my “How To Be a Mompreneur Series”. You can read the whole series here.

When you work from home, time is money. It is the investment you are doing and it is the key factor that will bring you money. It is not easy to be a freelancer or mompreneur. You must know how to manage your time. To run a home along with a business to look after with kids is a nasty business and you must be organized to run it. But do not worry even if you have to take a call while stirring that curry, technology has a solution to everything. Here are 5 most essential apps to organize everything and help you building your business.

5 Most Essential Apps if you want to be Work from Home Mom

5 Most Essential Apps for Work from Home Mom



Evernote is the best app to organize everything. It is available for both mobile and desktop version and easy to use. You can keep the tab on all your expenses (both personal and professional), make notes, create a slideshow and plan your every move.

Evernote lets you create digital notebooks where you can put everything that is on your mind. Thus you can keep everything that needs your attentions in one go without having the headache of going through everything on your shelves every time.


Trello is a visual collaboration tool that lets you create boards for everything. It is an essential app for women who work from home. Here you can create boards to pen down everything which is on your mind. For example, I have three boards on Trello right now- Ideas, Working on and Accomplished. Ideas, where I have to write down every idea that I want to share with my readers on this blog; Working on boards is home to every ongoing project and the Accomplished board contains everything that I have completed so far. So, whenever I open my Trello account, I get to know what’s going on with my ideas and where to project my priority. It is time-saving and helpful for any woman who works from home.

App for Work from home moms

Google calendar

A must-have app for everyone who needs to organize dates in advance. Easy to use, synchronized with your Gmail, accessible from any device and send you alarm in any format you want. It saves your time by highlighting the events you need to cover and reminding you about it beforehand. You can also import your events from other bookmarking sites to make your life a little easy with all the works.

(P.S.-It also helps you to remember your anniversary or your spouse’s birthday. Shhh…don’t tell anyone J )


As infopreneur, you need to read important articles, news and trends to know the market where you are working. But with kids and house works, it is not possible to read everything in a given time. Pocket gives you the opportunity to ‘pocket’ everything and read later from any device you want, even when you are offline. An essential app for busy moms to stay updated.


Admit it, whether you work from home or go to an office, you are the guardian who takes care of your family’s health. It is important to give your kids all the nutrition they need to grow. You and your spouse also need to maintain a good health to do all the work. Hence, a proper meal planning can help you to look after that side of your responsibilities and save time together. Food helps you to schedule your meals beforehand, prepare the list of groceries and help you maintain a good health.


What are the apps you are using to organize your daily routine? Or you still rely on your notebook to jot down the chores for the week? Do you believe that technology has helped us to be more organized? If yes, do let me know in the comment section.

This article is a part of my “How To Be a Mompreneur Series”. You can read the whole series here.


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