Let us fight together against Autism (On the occasion of World Autism Day)

Autism- a neural development disorder is often mistaken by mental instability and autistic people are often humiliated. But in reality, it is a genetic disorder which affects the information processing of the brain and it results into impaired social behavior, communication difficulties and restricted as well as repetitive behavior.  Autistic people are often isolated and neglected by the society for their lack of understanding and doing things which are not common in other people.

The origins and cure of the Autistic Spectrum Disorder or simply ASD are still under research and our scientists are still in dark for most of its cure and detection. However, the signs of this disorder can appear during the first three years of a person’s life, the developmental disability remains for the rest of the life. The autistic people usually avoid eye contact, find difficult to communicate with other people, repeat activities and often do not respond to other’s communication. Usually, they are slow learners but if guided properly, they can be prepared for future.

Autism- a neural development disorder

The main problem with the society is that they are often misled by the autistic people. Due to lack of proper awareness in India, autistic syndromes often miscalculated. According to Autism Society of India (ASI), one in every 80 people in India suffers from Autistic Spectrum Disorder. But most of them do not get the proper care which they need. There are a few organizations in India who cater to autistic children. Most of such organizations are NGOs or run by parents who have children with autism. And the numbers of schools which cater to such need are very few. But these handful organizations or schools can not reach all autistic children. Autism is a subject which needs a multi-disciplinary approach. The matter is very delicate to handle as autistic people also have self-respect and they too have the right to enjoy the world like any other people on the earth. The need of the hour is to train more people as care providers to these innocent people. Centers which offer the course in autism by Rehabilitation Council of India must be set up throughout the country.

Autism- a neural development disorder

But first and foremost, we, the society should accept such people as they are. They should not be treated as the burden or mentally retarded. These people are part of our society and we must give them our unconditional love, support, and trust. Bear a little more patience with them and they will bloom like a spring bud in the world.

For parents who need support for their specially gifted children, here are some of the resources in India. Hope your children prosper in their lives.


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