Babies: Your Personal Source of Optimism

Babies are optimistic!
My baby’s First Smile!!

Life, after having a baby, tremendously changes.

You were a carefree soul who is busy in a new job in a new field in a new city. The prime focus of your life was to absorb as much as you can in your new job. Your hubby is a man who has to go to forests 300 days a year for his job. Days were passed in managing both homes and work almost single-handedly. Then suddenly you discover the presence of a life in your body and the whole world changes. The pregnancy went quite smoothly and you are handed a baby one fine spring morning about which you knew nothing. Suddenly, a daughter became a mother. It does not matter if you are a superwoman, the childbirth and sleepless nights are going to make you gasp for air regularly. Diapers, breastfeed, vaccines, fevers, cry… they became a regular part of your life. And if your husband stays out-of-the-town like me, it is better. You are responsible for everything else in the home.
Slowly, the tiny human being became more familiar to you. Breastfeed became easy and you can change the littered diaper in a blink of the eye. Then, there come the other worries. See, a baby in its initial stage demands all of your time, all of your attention. And that means you are stuck in the home for 24*7 and there is no or little ‘me’ time left for you. You are lucky if you manage to mop your floors once a week or manage to take a luxurious bath, forget your afternoon naps or book reading. Moreover, you have no job and stopping of the salary means tension for both you and your husband. The post-pregnancy hormonal attacks are like icing on the cake in such situations.

But, yes, but…amidst all this chaos, a quiet giggle is enough to light up your mood. The baby learns to be social after almost one and half months and that tiny smile is beyond any word to be described. When the baby is happy and plays with you, all the tensions of the earth left your shoulders in instant. My baby is now almost one-year-old and he is just learning to take his steps. He is a jolly kid and plays all the time. He enjoys the mischief we play with him and fully co-operates. After a hectic and long day at work, when I come back home, he waves and smiles serenely at me. When I take him in my arms, he hugs and lay still for a minute to enjoy my touch. That gesture fills my heart with pure joy and no matter how tired I am, I feel instantly rejuvenated. And in the morning, he waves me goodbye with his tiny hands that gives me the power to work actively even after a sleepless night.
No matter, what difficulties you face after having a child, the child fulfills you as a woman. They give you unconditional love, love which is free of any selfishness. Their love gives you the strength to live your life to the fullest. Their smiling faces help you to be optimistic, to tackle any situation in your life. The excitement on my baby’s face whenever his father comes home give you the feeling that in this world, you have a family, a family of your own. And your house has finally become a home where pure love and happiness awaits you every moment of the coming life.

The center of your world suddenly shifts towards a tiny human being. You and your husband’s priorities change, habits change, the voices became gentler. Sleepless nights, sloppy diapers, cries can be tough to handle for the first months but as the time passes and you got used to it, life became easy for you.

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