Home Safety Tips: How to Choose Best Cockroach Repellent Products

Killing, not banishing, when it comes to cockroaches

Remarkably tenacious and difficult to get rid of, cockroaches can infect your food and cause illness. Getting rid of them is easier with repellents.

There’s nothing remotely likable about a cockroach. It is ugly to look at, it has strange hair growing out of its legs (that’s why a cockroach running over your skin is an icky feeling) and it can squeeze through the smallest crevice and disappear for days. You try throwing things at it, aiming a slipper so that it squashes the creature, plug the holes and cavities where it stays…all to no avail. You might win the fight for a while, but cockroaches always return.

Its tenacity is down to the fact that it can exist on simply anything and even nothing at all. It does not necessarily need fresh food to survive – it feasts equally well on garbage, sewage, other dead animals and rotting food. Besides, starving a cockroach rarely helps – they are known to survive without any nourishment up to two whole weeks! Another thing most people say about cockroaches may also be true – that they may be the only creatures most likely to survive a nuclear holocaust.

Besides, their completely flat bodies hide a tough frame that cannot be completely broken unless extreme force is applied. They have a hard exoskeleton that protects them against attempts to crush them. Even when crushed, the cockroach may not die immediately.

The dangers of having cockroaches in the house

Cockroaches are attracted to exposed food and liquids. In fact, cockroaches feast on practically everything. That, in itself, is not the problem: the danger is in the fact that cockroaches walk across the dirtiest surfaces and then move about freely in your home. Thus, they contaminate everything they come in contact with, especially exposed food items.

Soon, cockroaches become the number one carrier of disease and infection in the house. The best way to avoid illnesses arising from such contamination is to keep all food items safely tucked away inside airtight jars and containers. Never leave bottles open and clean the kitchen surfaces regularly with a strong disinfectant. Cockroaches may not disappear entirely in a clean kitchen or bathroom, but sanitized surfaces certainly repel them. They thrive the most in warm, moist, unhygienic conditions. So the first thing to do is to keep the house clean and sanitized. The second thing to do is to mop up food and drink spills at once.

Home Safety Tips: How to Choose Best Cockroach Repellent Products

And now, on to killing these pests

So is there a way to rid the house of these pestilential creatures? Yes, there is, with the best cockroach repellent products.

It might seem like only an all-out pest control session will eliminate cockroaches, and it certainly can to a large extent. But you cannot conduct pest control very often, and you need an easier solution at hand. This solution comes by way of a range of the best cockroach repellent products in the market today. You don’t need an elaborate pest control session – just arm yourself with a cockroach repellent for daily use.

Invest in the best cockroach repellent sprays that zap cockroaches on sight. These get to work at once by attacking the oily film on the cockroach’s body, thus penetrating it with strong chemicals that immobilize the pest. The sprays work on both flying and crawling cockroaches equally well.


How to use the cockroach repellent spray:

  • Identify the space where cockroaches live in your home. Make a beeline for warm and moist areas such as traps, drains, space beneath the sink, inside and around the trash can, etc. Spray the cockroach repellent around these areas every morning and before going to bed at night. The spray will repel the cockroaches and bar their entry into the house.
  • Keep the repellent spray handy in an easily accessible area. This way, you can spray the creature at a moment’s notice when you see it.
  • Seal all gaps and holes in the plaster, above the floor skirting, and in the flooring. These are places where cockroaches live, mate and lay eggs. Spray these areas with the repellent before sealing them.
  • Spray the cockroach from a sufficiently far distance, so that it gets the full blast of it. Make sure the product does not spray on your skin or clothes. If the product comes in contact with the skin or eyes, wash with cold water and go to a doctor at once.
  • Spray areas of daily use in the house with sufficient quantities of the repellent, and then close the doors and windows for a while. Enter the space after a few minutes, by which time the spray will have pulled out every lurking cockroach and killed it.

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