6 Types of Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog

Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog

After learning how to write a blog post, it is time to know what are the types of blog posts which drive traffic to your blog. The types of blog posts in your blog also determine your poularity as a professional blogger. You can follow the types of blog post ideas or create something which is your own.

In this article, I will show 6 types of blog post ideas which can boost your blog and equally engaging for your audience. They are some of the most popular blog post ideas that generate traffic easily.

But before going into the details, let us know why different types of blog post ideas are good for your blog.

  • Different types of blog posts give variety to your blog.
  • It shows that you can create different types of content and increases your authority as a content creator.
  • By creating different types of contents increases your productivity and writing skills.
  • It helps in creating more contents in less time.

So, what are the 6 types of blog post ideas?

Tutorials and How to posts

These are the most popular and searched content in all over the web. We always seek how to do information in Google or other search engines. From ‘how to get rid of pimples’ to ‘what to do when your baby cry’, we search everything online.

The formula here is simple. As I have always said that the main aim of your blog has to be able to solve a ‘problem’. Through the tutorial posts, you solve certain sets of the problem online and attract a large number of visitors to your blog.

How to posts and tutorials are an excellent medium to show your knowledge and expertise. When people notice that you are willing to share everything you know for free, they trust you and a good relationship is established.

Do not think that if you pour everything in your blog posts, people will steal your ideas. Nobody can copy your expertise.

Examples of How to and tutorials: How To Be A Successful Mompreneur and Earn Money

What are the types of blog post ideas | Types of blog posts

List posts

This is an amazing way to attract people to your blog. This is just compilation of various things like your favourite apps or websites or anything in this world. List posts are gold mines of information in one place and people always visit such posts to save time.

For example, instead of visiting ten websites on baking tips, you would want to visit a blog post like this that offers a list of easiest baking tips.

In case of list posts, just the headline is enough to attract visitors to your blog and they are really the most shared thing on the web.

Here is an example of list post I write for the new bloggers.

Types of Blog post ideas


Informative posts/ Ultimate Guides

Informative posts are the posts you find on the web which offer every minute details about any given topic. They are more or less like How to posts but more informative and detailed.

Ultimate guides can be repurposed later to two or three parts. As they are longer than usual blog posts, their content can be split into parts which will save you lots of time when you are racking your mind to create vivid content.

By the way, have you checked my Ultimate Guide to Writing A Blog Post? It has more than 2.1k words and teaches you everything which you need to know before start writing a blog post.

 Types of Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog


Reviews are one of the most popular blog post ideas all over the world. People love to read reviews. In face according to Amazon, 90% people read reviews before buying anything online. So, as a blogger and an authority, your reviews have lots of value to your readers.

You can review anything which is related to your blog’s topic. The deal here is to be unbiased and authentic.

Here is an example of a review I did for a book on my blog.


Do you love to create graphics for your blog? Then infographics are the thing for you. They are fun to create, pinnable, informative and let you use your creativity. The posts with infographics can go also without write-ups too. So, whenever you are not in a mood to write more but creating some graphics, create an infographic blog post.

Infographics are also the best blog post idea for graphic designers, tutors, course creators and any other blogger who wants to represent their content artistically.

Infographics are also one of the most shared contents on social media.

Here is an example of infographics I created for this post.


How many of you have spent a single day without searching some tips online? Not at least me.

People love to read tips and tricks of any given thing. So, if you have some tips in your pocket which you think can benefit a large number of people, do not hesitate. Just write them and post.

Tips post also get a good number of search engine traffic. So, if you want some organic, genuine traffic who are in dire need of your legendary skills, just pen your tips down!

I hope this List post of mine will help you to get a good idea about types of blog posts.  If you have any other types of blog post ideas in mind, feel free to share them with me and my readers. Thanks in advance!!





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    1. Thank you Adhila. I use Photoshop/picmonkey to create the infographics.

      Do go through all my tips if you are considering blogging.

  1. Thanks for your tips, for Info graphics post, how one can do this, Is photoshop required for that for making and pasting ?

    1. Are you talking about free blog? If you are serious about Blogging, than I will advise you to go for self hosted blog

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