Blogger in the House: Vasantha Vivek

Hey friends, welcome to yet another session of the blogger in the house. This time, I had the opportunity to speak to Vasantha Vivek from My Sweet Nothings. She is a lovely person and has a positive outreach for the life. I hope you would love it!


How old were you when you found out you were pregnant and what went through your mind?

30 years. And I as in a cocktail mood – Happy / Scared / Worried / Excited /    Thrilled. I thanked God and prayed for the goodness of the baby.

What would you say are the joys of being a parent?

Being a parent is the happiest yet toughest role in the world.  Being a parent gifted me with joys of love, caring, responsible, maturity, understanding and self-confidence.

What kind of support network do you have?

Nothing is more supportive than your loving family. Thanks to all my family members who supported me with their kind words, encouraging comments and tasty food during my pregnancy. Above all my hubby made me strong by his unconditional love and affection.

How do you manage your kids and professional life?

It’s very simple if we know our priorities. I will never mix up the family and my profession. Planning makes all things work perfectly. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

What do you hope for you and your child’s futures?

For myself, I have to make my dream – authoring a book to come true sooner. I leave the future of my son to him. He has been given the responsibility to decide upon his future. And of course, we are there to guide him in the right direction.

If you met someone who was faced with an unplanned pregnancy, scared and considering abortion, what would you tell them?

First I will hug them tightly and remain silently for 5 minutes. Let them get faith on me first. Then I will talk to them and know their pain. I will try to understand them and help them to understand the value of life.

Who inspires you and why?

Everybody and everything in this world inspire me most. For they all are the CREATIONS of my CREATOR.

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