Book for Review: Follow Every Rainbow by Rashmi Bansal

This Guest Post is written by Darshana Sharma Bhagawati

Along with my daily ‘ to-do ‘list, I also maintain a ‘books to be read’ list. Being a lover of books, I usually jot down, whenever  I come across the reference to any good books. As per my list, the book I just completed is Rashmi Bansal’s Follow every Rainbow. Though the author has numbers of books to her credit, yet I was least aware of it, until the title caught my attention. And yes, I was not disappointed by my selection.

It is an inspiring story of 25 successful women entrepreneurs, who by their zeal of hard work and dedication, have been able to stand out high in the crowd. Women when almost lose their basic identity after marriage for the sake of the family, they are examples of unshakeable willpower. They are those who against all odds, have created a niche for themselves, an identity of their own. They are true faces to depict what women can actually do when they set to do. To speak in the author’s words herself, ‘ For women is like a delicate flower and needs the right weather to bloom and come into her own’ And they DID IT….

The stories of all the entrepreneurs are beautifully described in the book, enough to pull a reader into their world. The whole book is divided into three parts in the name of three goddesses as per their signified roles; Lakshmi ( section) includes eight entrepreneurs, who along with them carried their family, into their business, bringing wealth and prosperity to their homes. Durga, also includes eight entrepreneurs, who had to fight for survival. They had to rise to slay the odds standing in their way. Saraswati includes nine of the entrepreneurs, who in spite of having good professional education, choose entrepreneurship, and made an identity from it.

Bansal herself is an entrepreneur and a youth expert, besides being an author. She has six books to her credit. She also provides mentorship to young budding entrepreneurs.

Book for Entrepreneurs: Follow Every Rainbow by Rashmi Bansal

This book is a complete celebration of womanhood and a source of motivation. After every story, the author cared to note down their personal advice to all the women out there, to step out with their dreams. I genuinely suggest to include it in your library. A lot to learn from their stories, and you will find a lot to implement in your lives.

Again in the words of the author, ‘ Tomorrow holds the fragrance of feminine values. Of courage, of transparency, of grace.

This is the moment in history when women must seize the day.’

Happy reading !!


Author: Rashmi Bansal

Book: Follow every rainbow

Genre: Non-fiction

Publisher: Westland Ltd

ISBN: 978-93-82618-42-3

My rating: 4.6/5

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