Book Review: I’m an Average Looking Boy..will You be My Girlfriend?

Sometimes, I took breaks from reading. The length of my To-Read list frustrates me and I end up in giving a break to myself. After the break, my mind and heart long to read and with renowned interest I start to read again. So, after a long a break from book reviews, here I am with a new book. This time, I have chosen a book by a brand new author Roopesh Kumar. Roopesh is a student and you can never imagine the book I’m an Average Looking Boy..will You be My Girlfriend? is his debut novel. So, let’s dig into the book to know what it is all about.

Things that I loved in the book

The story. It was a story of Dibisha and Vidoy who met under the Virgin tree in Hindu college. The story was cute, fresh and very well elaborated before giving the final twist. Though in some places it was predictable but the book is worth reading.

Characterisation in the book is really good. You can relate to every character in the book as if they just live near your house. Everyone has a friend like Vidoy, Ishan and Shreya and someone like Ananya and Samar too. But the thing I liked most is Dibisha’s character. The book is written from Dibisha’s point of view and not for a single moment you find it that the author is not a girl but a boy!

The social issues the author has touched are reality in our society. The message he wants to give is well delivered. If at least ten persons think about them deeply, then we can say that his effort has succeeded.

Things that I didn’t love about the book

The thing that I did not love about the book is the editing part. When you have proudly announced that the book is solely written and edited by you, you have to be very careful about the editing part. Editing is tough and accepting its responsibility is also very tough. The book has some unavoidable mistakes. The grammar sense was poor and while reading a love story, these mistakes are irritating.

The second thing that I did not like was use of several terms. The slangs were avoidable in the text while using short forms of words like BTW for By the Way is not advisable. And what is ‘northeast girl’ dude?

Over all, the book is fun, light and worth reading. I am giving it three out of five in my readometre.

Name of the book: I’m an Average Looking Boy..will You be My Girlfriend?

Name of the author: Roopesh Kumar

Paperback: 260 pages

Publisher: Pengo Publication

Price: INR 144



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