Book Review: Just Give Me 10 Minutes by Kathie Davis

Hello, dear readers! I know you all are busy moms with a kid to ponder upon whatever you do. Though our kids are little bundles of joy yet sometimes, it becomes difficult to manage the time with a wailing kid when you have a deadline to meet. I bet you all have uttered the words, “Just give me 10 minutes!” at least once in a day to your kids. Well, Kathie Davis, a mom just like you and me, has come with an eBook just for those precious 10 minutes. Read on to know more about the book. The book is sent to me by the author and the book review is an honest one.

About the book

Book Review: Just Give Me 10 Minutes by Kathie Davis

The book is an eBook penned down by Kathie Davis, a mompreneur. The book is written from a perspective of a busy mom and how you can keep your kids busy when you need some moments to finish a work. Kathie has come up with the concept busy bags to give your children activities to keep them busy. The busy bags are ideas of various kids’ activities which can be used to make them hone their skills as well as keep them busy. The activities are sorted to suit different age group and develop various skills in your kids. She knows the real deal of the busy life of a mom who works from home and hence her ideas are effortless, quick and kids-friendly.

About the author

Katie Davis is a wife, mother of two crazy little boys (and a spoiled cat), and blogger at Delightfully Frazzled. When she’s not chasing her toddler, yanking something out of her baby’s mouth, or trying to run a semi-clean home, she enjoys reading, watching anime, and trying her luck at Pinterest DIY projects. She and her family live in the beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Book Review: Just Give Me 10 Minutes by Kathie Davis

What I loved about Just Give Me 10 Minutes!

  • DIY tricks and tips to create a busy bag for your kids.
  • All the activities are suited to help the kids develop the various skill like motor skills, object identification, art etc.
  • The materials needed for the activities are easily available in our homes so that you can waste no time in gathering them.
  • The book is an eBook and hence you can carry the ideas with you in your reading device even if you are outside home on a trip.
  • There are 40 plus activities in the book which mean you can repeat any idea if your kid tends to get bored with a few of them.

What I didn’t like about Just Give Me 10 Minutes!

The book is really a helpful one and will keep the kids engaged. But I would love if Kathie would have included more tips to organize the busy bags. The activities are good and easy to organize but being a reader, I would love to read about how you encourage your child to use them.


I hope the book will help busy moms like you to keep your kids active and engaged. The book is available here.

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