The Power Within You: How To Develop Your Inner Strength

This post is written by our guest blogger, Darshana Sarmah Bhagawati Sometimes, some words or phrase, or maybe a few lines, proves to be so powerful, that they completely capture your mind and consequently succeeds in occupying a front seat in your mental space. This is exactly what I am experiencing right now, words whichRead more

How To Build A Healthy Relationship With Your Kids?

This post is written by our guest blogger, Darshana Sarmah Bhagawati We, mothers, generally stay concern about the physical health of our child. But, recently some literature both offline and online caught my attention and somewhat acted as an eye opener for me, as to their mental health. Yes, that invisible portion of health, whichRead more

My fear of Success : A story of The Photo Forest evolution

I wanted to be successful. That meant being big, bigger than me, bigger than what I could only offer. I didn’t know how that was going to happen, but I wanted it so bad. I was a graphic designer, a website designer, and photographer. I felt limited by how much I could offer my clients, branding,Read more

7 Things A Mother Must Teach Her Child

7 Things A Mother Must Teach Her Child

A mother is one of the most important figures in a child’s life. During this stage, a child is growing and maturing and needs the right kind of guidance. A mother is the only person that can make sure that this guidance is sound. There are a lot of things that mother would have toRead more

6 Common Mistakes That Even SMART Pregnant Women Make

6 Common Mistakes That Even SMART Pregnant Women Make

You are well read, you run a successful career or you are a charismatic homemaker, you think you are in control of things. But are you sure you are not repeating these common mistakes? Read on to know about the 6 common mistakes even smart pregnant women make. Too Late In Applying The Stretch MarkRead more

Guest Post: Allergy-proof your beddings for newborns

This is a Guest Post by Grace Reynolds  Many people nowadays suffer from allergy, but few of them realize that the reason for this may be hiding in their bedrooms. This is a respiratory problem and the culprit for it may be hiding in your pillows, blankets or mattress. These are the so-called dust mites,Read more

Sparkling & DIY Décor Ideas for Christmas and New Year Party

Have you noticed how your face lits up when you enter a house party and the host has neatly laid out the dinner table, set up an elegant centerpiece and put some candles around the house? We all are the suckers for good things in life. It may not come naturally to a lot ofRead more

5 Tips To Make Sugar Free Fresh Juices for Your Family

5 Tips To Make Sugar-Free Fresh Juices for Your Family

Have you ever wondered how to make sugar-free fresh juices? The white sugar, after all, takes some goodness away from the freshly squeezed juice. But can I really just take away the sugar from a musambi juice. I find plain musambi juice so bland. With all the hard work involved in peeling, squeezing, blending &Read more

Kowsi’s Musings: Book Review of Pride & Prejudice

Internet is a funny place. You spend most of the time here but it is not your home. But it never ceases any opportunity to mesmerise it. In this Age of Virtual connection, we meet thousands of people over the internet. Thousands of persons and thousands of stories are waiting to be spoken by eachRead more