Do You Know The History of Blogging?

Are you a social media user? Do you love to share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Then you must have heard about the term blog. So, what is a blog? If you search the term blog, Google can give you 6,93,00,00,000 answers in mere 0.41 seconds. But let me spare your patience andRead more

6 Types of Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog

Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog

After learning how to write a blog post, it is time to know what are the types of blog posts which drive traffic to your blog. The types of blog posts in your blog also determine your poularity as a professional blogger. You can follow the types of blog post ideas or create something whichRead more

Ultimate Guide To Write A Smart Blog Post

Ultimate Guide To Write A Smart Blog Post

In one of my infographics , I dissected the anatomy of a great blog post. In continuation to that post, today we will delve deeper into writing a perfect, killer blog post. In blogging, writing is your weapon. Unless you are video blogging, writing is the main medium to share your knowledge/expertise with others. WritingRead more

5 Questions To Ask Before You Start Blogging

Although there are numerous content and help available online, every beginner has questions regarding blogging. Some of those questions are serious as the answers can boost a blogger’s confidence tenfold. These questions actually reflect how much the blogger is serious and passionate about the blogging. Yes, I have also encountered some silly questions but allRead more