Sparkling & DIY Décor Ideas for Christmas and New Year Party

Have you noticed how your face lits up when you enter a house party and the host has neatly laid out the dinner table, set up an elegant centerpiece and put some candles around the house? We all are the suckers for good things in life. It may not come naturally to a lot of us to go that length but when we see this “Décor Drama” we secretly aspire to be there ourselves.

DIY Décor Ideas for Christmas and New Year Party

But then, reality strikes. We come back home and completely forget all about it. Some of us take the mantle a little further but lose out for lack of creativity. So my dear friend Swati Jatia has taken up this task of helping out those interested.  In her 90 minute workshop, she takes you through the art of organizing a table. The workshop includes table setting etiquette, table setting ideas, hands-on DIY table decorations and the Décor Drama box with setup material.

Here are some of Swati’s simple décor ideas for your upcoming Christmas and New Year’s party.


The idea is to keep it simple. So you can take coordinated balloons in bunches and hang them around your garden or main door entrance. You can add glittering silver or gold streamers for Christmas and New Year’s effect though I prefer to keep it as just balloons.

 Decor Ideas for Christmass


Match that up with some gas balloons hanging from the ceiling. Print out some moments from the year gone by and hang them with the help of ribbons. An effortless décor, isn’t it?

 Decor Ideas for Christmass


Now that is something fun to make with the kids. Take 4 empty bottles, preferably glass and spray paint them with gold or silver. Cut out the New Year number from that glittering craft sheet in your child’s art kit and stick them on ice-cream sticks. Roll a knife over a gold ribbon and make some streamers. Now stuff some crumpled paper on the mouth of the bottle and make the New Year number stand out with streamers beautifully dangling from all sides.

 Decor Ideas for Christmass

Another simple centerpiece idea.


 Take some empty used up candle jars or used jam bottles. Clean them and sprinkle some sparkling gold glitter at the bottom and on the side. Place a candle inside and jazz up as many corners in your house as you wish.


We would all ideally like to retain our cutlery but create a brand new look. So the art is in teaming it up well. Use a floral placemat, a solid color runner, and your plain Jane plates. Place a coordinate solid color vase on reusable tea coasters and voila! You have got a brand new look!


  Decor Ideas for Christmass


This one is really simple. The picture says it all.



Napkin folding can be quite an art. Follow this step by step instruction and let your kids do the subsequent ones by themselves. They will keep themselves busy while you finish the guest list.

 Decor Ideas for Christmass


You can find lots of Home Decor ideas in Swati’s FaceBook page.



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