Is Good English Necessary for Blogging?

Is Good English Necessary for Blogging?

“Is good English necessary for blogging?” is one of the most common questions I face as a Writing and Blogging coach. Many people come to me and say that they would love to blog but they are not so confident about their English.

Well, it is a common thought before you start something which involves writing long paragraphs. But although writing is important for blogging, it is not the essential skill you need as a blogger. But before going to the language part, let us examine why people visit blogs.

People visit blogs, because

  • They want information.
  • They want a solution.
  • They seek knowledge.
  • They need some services.
  • They want to read about any new product and want some expert advice.

So, it is clear that people will never visit your blog to check your English. They will seek the knowledge you offer unless you have a blog where you teach the language.

You just need to have basic knowledge of the language to start a blog. The essential skill you need as a blogger is how you express yourself. You need simple, easy to understand language to communicate with your readers. Fancy languages often create confusion in readers’ minds.

You do not to need to write stylish English for blogs. You just need general command over the language to write simple sentences.

Still, if you want to improve your English to write better blog posts, here are some of the advice from my side. I have personally followed them and got good results in my writing.

To improve your English, follow the steps regularly.

  • Read articles, newspapers, books in English regularly. By reading, you will be exposed to a good deal of vocabulary which will boost your command over the language.
  • Write every day even it is just one line. Writing regularly will boost your confidence. It will also help to check where your strength in writing is.
  • Read and reread your writing. Note down which style of writing gives you more speed and confidence. Practice that style particularly.
  • Always consult a good dictionary.
  • Be familiar with synonyms and thesaurus. Word power is a great power.
  • Practice and follow a good grammar book.

I hope this tips will help to give better command over English and boost your confidence as a good blogger. Here is a list of blogs which help to improve your English. Have a look!

If you have any query, feel free to shoot questions in the comment section.

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  1. I want to write blogs also.bcoz am desperate to urn money through blogs.ur page would help me to write impressively

    1. The road to earn money through blogging is long and hard. I hope my writing can guide you through it.

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