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I come from a town where everyone has a keen interest for business or what we call properly as entrepreneurship. Nobody sits idle there. You will not find anyone wasting time in gossiping about some nonsense or sitting ideally. The youth from my hometown believe in karma and hence they are always busy in doing any kind of job from helping their elders in family business or starting their own ventures. For example, my mother who is a simple housewife, has a handloom industry of Assam Silk (Pat and Muga Silk) and she has received CiTiGroup Micro-Entrepreneur Award, 2004 for East region from P.Chidambaram (Then Minister of Finance).

Coming from such a town and home, how couldn’t I understand the need of marketing to promote your own business? You can start your business anytime but the fact remains that you need customers to run your business. The more you promote, the more customer you have. In this digital era, marketing and promotion have become indispensable part of everything. It is the reason behind why every brick and mortar shop wants an online presence. E-commerce companies like Flipkart, Amazaon, Ebay, Myntra, and HomeShop18 have brought a super change in how you conduct business now-a-days. With ever friendly apps, these online companies have brought the whole word on your palm.

If you sell your products online, you have the benefit to reach larger network of customers. Your products will get good price and you will make money online. So, how can you make your presence felt online? The answer is simple. It is by opening an online store. But while doing that, two things bother a potential seller. First, how to open and maintain the online store and the second one is the cost. But dear readers, where there is a will, there is a way. Many companies have come forward and creating pave ways for entrepreneurs to sell and make money online. Such an online marketing company is They allow people to create free online shop to help people with small business to grow and create an online presence.


Ezebee is an international community market place where anyone can create free online shop and sell online. It is a free online marketplace that helps, assists and improves your online shop. They believe that every small business or entrepreneur has the right to get good offers for their products irrespective of where they live. It is free to use and easy to handle. Just create an account here and enjoy the benefits of online shop of your business. You can showcase your products with ease, connect with the customers easily and expand your business virtually.


And what more? You can connect your free online shop with a free facebook shop. Everyone understands the power of social media and if your shop is also connected via a free facebook shop, your shop gets more customers.


So, what are you waiting for? Click the link, create online shop and open yourself to a world of endless possibilities. Grow! Touch the sky! Make your own mark!

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