Guest Post: Allergy-proof your beddings for newborns

This is a Guest Post by Grace Reynolds 

Many people nowadays suffer from allergy, but few of them realize that the reason for this may be hiding in their bedrooms. This is a respiratory problem and the culprit for it may be hiding in your pillows, blankets or mattress. These are the so-called dust mites, which stuff our lungs and causes health problems. The creatures are invisible to the naked eye, but there are so many tests, which shows the pillows under the microscope and you can find a whole animal kingdom in it. It seems like your pillow will start to walk every moment. Kick these awful creatures off your bed and stop inhaling them, while you sleep. There are some preventive measures, which can protect your beddings as much as possible. In this way, you will wake up refreshed and in a good mood. Here are some simple and inexpensive steps to do that.

To keep your bedroom clean is of great importance since you spend almost 8 to 10 hour there every day and your body is in a delicate position during this time. The regular de-cluttering of the bedroom provides you with more airy space and dust-free atmosphere. If you have a carpet in your bedroom, sanitize it on regular basis, because it performs the role of the filter of the air, so it catches a lot of bacteria. They accumulate in it and find a shelter in the comfort soft fibers of the fluffy flooring until you inhale them.

Get rid of all the heavy drapes, as well, which are hard to be washed. Instead of this, go for curtains of light material, which are easily cleaned. The window blinds also catch a lot of dust and to clean them means that all the dust from them will start to “fly” in the air and permeate every nook of the bedroom. These are the basic things for your bedroom, which you need to consider before the most important thing and namely- your beddings. Firstly, undertake the above-mentioned steps, because even if you put allergy proofs on your beddings, the dust from the carpets or the blinds will stuff your mattress again.

Allergy-proof your beddings for newborns

Now, time to protects the bed. The first thing you can do is to encase your pillows, mattress, and blankets with allergy covers. These are made out of specific woven fabrics, which will keep the mites away. To use them is a child’s play- just put the pillow in the case like usual or the blanket and zip it. This seals the beddings from the allergens that trigger the respiratory problems. These cases are easy to sanitize. Just put them in hot water, because it will disinfect the cases and kills the dust mites. This is an affordable investment and in most of the cases, the proof endures a lot.

Before you equip your beddings with the proof, you should sanitize them all. Give a thorough vacuum cleaning of the mattress for amazing cleaning results. Then wash the pillows and the blankets with hot water. Leave them to dry thoroughly. The sun is the best option for them since it will disinfect them one more time. And then enclose them in the cases.

The allergy-proof cases are must, especially when you have a new-born baby or kid(s). Their health is fragile and their immune system is still not very stable. That’s why you are in charge to protect them from the harsh influence of the allergens and mites. Except encasing their blankets and pillows, you need to protect the crib itself. For this purpose, use a crib mattress encasement. This will protect the toddler from the bugs and provide a safe condition for its sleep. To sanitize the nursery cases avoid the use of strongly scented cleaning agents. The best is to use organic soap or baby-friendly washing powder, which is gentle to their sensitive skin.

The regular dusting and vacuum cleaning of the nursery also helps a lot to control the spread of allergens and dust. Undertaking this, you make sure that the youngest member of the family is completely protected by the nasty creatures.

How to choose an allergy proof for your beddings is a matter of taste. There are many types of hypo-allergenic barriers on the market, but the ones we recommend are made out of natural cotton. These are specially woven and are designed to be zipped so that they wrap the beddings tightly and protect from the allergens perfectly.

Protect yourself and your beloved ones from respiratory problems or asthma and follow the tips from the article. It is not time-consuming or expensive, you just need to have a desire to do that. If you don’t suffer from such problem, doesn’t mean that you are insured against this. Better bet on the proven and take the precautions. No need to wait until the dust mites affect you, in order to appreciate our tips and follow them.

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