Here comes the baby!!

Last two weeks were spent in very much excitement. I do not know about others but I got difficulties in sleeping and was very anxious. No,, you are thinking that I am due to give birth a child after reading the title of this post, you are partially wrong as I am here talking about my second book. Yes, I have always considered the book writing process as child birth process. You conceive an idea and nurture it over months and after fruitful labour, you finally get the chance to hold it in your arms.

After almost two years of rigorous labour, I with my co authors Geeta Devee and Keemee Das, came up with our second book. Yes, we have already penned down our first venture  Japan: A Comprehensive Geography, which was an immense success and we have enjoyed our royalties thoroughly :). Our publishers have faith on us and they trusted us with this two projects.

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The name of the book is USA: A Comprehensive Geography. We have written about the most talked about country in the world. Though the book carries the main aim to help undergraduate students to know thoroughly about the countries we have also kept in mind about the general readers. Hence, the book was divided into 18 chapters which detail the country’s every aspect, from physiography to climate, from resources to industries, from economy to its culture and from its history to tourism. We hope that the book will be immense help to the student fraternity as well as common readers who wants to know about the USA.

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Book writing is a vigorous job. It takes you down mentally and physically. You do not have time to watch anything on TV, any holiday because, every time you are occupied by its thoughts. But once you hold the book in published form, you are the happiest person on the earth at that time.

P.S. If you want to have a copy of our book, please contact me and I will send the details.2013-08-30 11.11.18

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