7 Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

7 Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Life after having a baby is not the same as you have imagined it. It must sound strange and cruel but no one prepares you for the stress comes with the baby. Keep aside the bodily pain that you have after child birth; you need to take care of a tiny human being! Sleep derived nights, constant diaper changes and post partum hormones can literally change your life. Being a stay at home mom can be a daunting task.

After coming over the initial months, another tension that grips your mind is the end of the maternity leave. In my case, as the end of my maternity leave approached, I panicked and fought a lot with my mom and my husband. I was not ready to leave my bundle of joy behind alone and go back to my job. Though I assured best childcare for my baby but the anxiety to leave my son alone with some random person was not totally my thing. I lost my appetite and was so stressed that I lost the balance between my professional and personal life. That was a rough time for me and only God knows how I coped up with it. I showed poor performance in my job and my personal relations also suffered at that time. I feared to be a stay at home mom and it eroded my self confidence.

Does anyone of you people go through such problem? When you didn’t want to leave your child alone but it was equally difficult for you to sit at home babysitting? Does anyone of you experience the agony of not showing good performance in your job after having baby despite of holding a good track record before? Does anyone of you fear that your higher qualifications will be wasted once you leave your job? I know that looking after your baby can’t be equal to any job in this world but you cannot undermine the perks of economically independent. But sometime it really become difficult for us women to manage everything in one go. In such situations, many women decide to be at home to look after their children. It is not uncommon to take a break from your career to look after your little ones and then again resuming it.  Stay at home moms are not mere women looking after their child nowadays. They have now all the resources to stand firm on their choice.

Luckily my employer understood my problems and I was given a choice to work from home. Professionally, I am a copy editor and my work doesn’t involve extensive travels. Hence, it was easy for me to work online from any place and I cannot thank my stars enough for the opportunity when I look after my son myself without compromising my economic freedom. I braved

If you are a pregnant woman who is deciding what to do after childbirth or already a stay at home mom who is looking for opportunity to work from home careers, this article is for you. Here I will talk about 7 career paths for women who have decided to be stay at home moms just like me. With this suggested jobs, you can earn your economic freedom back legitimately. These jobs are modeled for certain qualifications but there are lots of online courses that can prepare you for these types of jobs.

7 Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

 Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Career Counseling

Do you love to motivate people about their career choice? Do you have the knowledge of different traditional and modern career choices? Then you can start your career of career counseling from home. You can contact educational institution and offer your expertise for a fixed time. You can also offer your services online and reach a bigger audience.


Women with commerce backgrounds! Online bookkeeping is in vogue for many years and you can also jump the wagon. You will need your accountancy degree or M. Com to lend your expertise for a good sum of money.


With the bloom of both online and print newspapers/magazines, freelance writers are in high demand. If you have the flair for creative writing, write for your local newspapers or magazines and they will be happy to pay you. Try the online magazines too for the extra sum of money.


If you are geek person, companies are looking for your programming expertise. Computer programmers and software engineers are high on demand for their abilities to write or repair software, to write codes, analyze the existing systems and tackle the problems from any place in the world. If you have good command over your field, it can be lucrative stay at home job.

Website/ app design

Similar as above. As the concept of Digital India is gradually coming and every business out there wants to have own website/app, you can be perfect with your IT expertise.

7 Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Hobby Coach

Do you have particular hobby like crafting, dancing, singing or you are a DIY diva? You can start your own coaching center for youngsters where you can teach them about their favorite hobbies. Start a dance school for youngsters or their mommies if you are a trained dancer, start a guitar school if you love playing with it. You can also open a small academic coaching center if you have expertise in school subjects.


Blogging is the new kid in the town but it has already secured it position as a good online career for stay at home moms. There are bloggers who earn more than 10,000 INR every single month with their blogs. You can write about anything you love. If you need some help with starting a blog, please visit this blog. I am sure you will be motivated to start a blog soon.

Being a stay at home mom is a choice. You have taken the step for your child. You have given your time to raise a wonderful human being. Utilize your time systematically and trust me, you won’t regret it!

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  1. I loved the post. I tried many options in pst 7 years. I am sharing few here. Online tutoring one can do, Hr recruiter, HR payroll , Home chef etc. Thanks for the post.

    1. That’s very thoughtful of you, Jiya, to include the other job options. Thank you so much

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