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Talk on women empowerment is something I can not tolerate. Frankly speaking I believe that no talks, no seminars, no workshops can help the people to allow themselves, especially women. A woman is a diva who has to play many roles in a single act. It is our mothers who have held our families in place and helping in our personal development. A woman can spread happiness, support her family, can set up the pillar of her children’s success, and to empower them is not a mere topic of discussion in seminars. The woman is so powerful that human life springs out from her womb and it centers her in every aspect of life.

There are a few people who with their work made a huge difference in society. They never take their step back in spite of difficulties in their life. One of such woman, whom I have never met in my life but inspired me is Indira Miri. Mrs Miri may be an unknown name to many, but for the land of rising sun i.e. Arunachal Pradesh, a north-eastern state in India, she is no lesser than a Goddess of light. The light she spread was the light of education, the light of power. She was the education officer of then NEFA, as Arunachal Pradesh was known as a part of Assam. She went to every nook and corner of Arunachal which was totally inaccessible at that time. Sometime on foot, sometime on the back of a horse for several days without any permanent mode of food and shelter, she and her companions carried the task of establishing schools. But the more difficult task for her was to create the awareness for attending schools. Some of the tribes of the NEFA at that time were unwilling to send their children to schools. To make them agree and establishing the classes in that elevated topography and harsh climate was a herculean task. But Mrs Miri, a mother of three, not only made that task possible, but also constructed the backbone of Arunachal Pradesh’s education system. Recipient of Padmashree award, this lady was very down to earth who never wished to take her into limelight. She stayed away from the media, but her deeds are still visible in every part of Arunachal.

The life and work of Indira Miri is well described in the novel MERENG by Anuradha Sharma Pujari. Anyone wish to know about her should go through the book. Though I never met this lady of light in my life, still I am happy to be associated with a hostel in her name. I passed two years of my life during my Master’s degree in the Indira Miri RCC II girls hostel of Gauhati University. Little joy for me!!

P.S. Indira Miri’s husband Mahichandra Miri was Assam’s first Conservator of Forests who actually revived Kaziranga National Park, India.

Indira Miri
Indira Miri

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