Let us take a pledge today


Earth day is an annual celebration when events on environmental protection and support are demonstrated worldwide. It is celebrated on April 22nd every year in more than 192 countries through the Earth Day Network.

Initially, the name and concept of Earth Day was initiated by John McConnell at UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, in 1969. He proposed March 21, 1970, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere but later it was changed to April 22. Thus the first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. The celebration included participants and celebrants in two thousand colleges and universities, roughly ten thousand primary and secondary schools, and hundreds of communities across the United States. Now millions of environmental lovers are celebrating it every year since then. Numerous communities celebrate Earth Week, an entire week of activities focused on environmental issues.

So, why the Earth day is celebrated? Is there any need? Is it benefiting us to save our lovely planet?

Centuries, after centuries, the human beings are exploiting Earth’s resources. Its consequences are here already like depletion of the Ozone layer, rise of the sea level, climate change, extinction of various species, global warming etc. Heavy industrialization leads to deforestation that has harmed ecosystems. We have already reached the lower level of some of the earth’s resources. So, the Earth Day is here to remind us our duties towards the environment. But mere the celebration of the Earth Day is not enough. Natural resources are depleting and we have already found that more than 50 % of fossil fuel is exhausted. Now as the non-conventional sources of energy are not easily available, the time is here that we take the matters seriously before us. Do not worry. I am not going to write a long post on how to conserve our resources to save the earth.

We are common people and common are our works. Our work may not be counted but the small steps always lead to greater changes. Simple steps can help us to contribute towards the goal. Some of such steps that we can do in household work are like just switch off the light whenever they are not in use or think twice before wasting water. Conserve and use rainwater. Plant a tree on your birthday. Earth day is celebrated only on a day; let us have a pledge that we will celebrate it every day of rest of our lives. Just two simple steps…it could change the future of our earth.
Let us leave a greener earth to our next generations. Let us do only simple steps.


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