How To Make Money By Writing Online Articles

How To Make Money By Writing Online Articles

In my last post, I talked about how to make money by blogging. I showed the ways how I make money and earn a living by blogging. But what if you do not have a blog? What if your blog is new and it needs to cross the threshold to make money? The answer is here. You can make money by writing online articles for numerous online blogs and websites.

But how? Can you randomly go to any website and ask them to pay you for your write-ups? The answer is no and yes to some extent.

There are thousands of people who are making money by writing online articles. The deal here is simple. You get to work from your home or anywhere in the world, there is no hard and fast rules, no fixed hours and no boss to dictate you round the clock. And the pay is great!

However, it is really hard to get such writing gigs. You need to be patient if you want to make money by writing online articles. So, how to prepare yourself to be an online writer without a blog?

  1. Keep a writing journal with you. Write down every idea which comes to your mind.
  2. Whenever you write down the idea, do not forget to write two-three lines with it. Those lines will help you to write the idea into an article later.
  3. Now choose your genre or niche. If you want to write an article on a food website or a food and lifestyle online magazine, gather information about different blogs or magazines in that genre.
  4. Not every blog requires guest contributor neither some blogs/magazines pay for your article.
  5. Seek out the blogs/magazines which accept articles from anyone and pay for it.
  6. Now, every such blog or website will have a contribution page where the details of article submission will be given.
  7. Go through the guidelines thoroughly.
  8. Now if you have already written the article, modify it according to the blog/magazine’s guideline.

Once your article is ready and you know where to send it, it is time for the actual work.

How To Make Money By Writing Online Articles

How to send articles to the blog/magazines?

Most of the blogs/magazines do not want the whole article when you first contact them. This part is little tricky as every such blog/magazine is choosy when it comes to paid articles. They get numerous submission requests every day to give your application a special attention.  So, you have to be very careful that your article is not lost or stolen.

For that, be sure to send an article pitch to the editors. An article pitch is an idea or gist what your article is all about. It should not be more than 6-7 lines. Send the pitch to the editors with a cover letter of why you want to publish the article in that particular blog/magazine.

Once your pitch is accepted and you get the green signal to submit the article, send the full article to the editor.

Now, how to write online articles?

Online articles are little different than articles published in traditional media. It is subjected to the whole world and you must write in a style which caters to the global audience. Here are some tips to write online articles.

  • Write concisely. Online articles should be within 1000-1500 words.
  • Internet audience has a short attention span. So, you must grab the attention with the introductory paragraph.
  • Write in small paragraphs with 2-3 lines.
  • Use bullet points and numbers to show the important details.

Now, you know how to submit an article to online blogs/magazines, how to write according to the internet, so, how about learning how to make money by writing online articles?

Here are some blogs/magazines which pay around $100 (Approximately INR6500) per article. So, grip yourself and let's make money by writing online articles. #Blogging #OnlineWriting #MakeMoneyOnline

How To Make Money By Writing Online Articles

Simple. Most of the blogs/magazines which pay for any article has their own fees structure. If they are not clear about how much they pay the writers, you have to ask before you send the full article.

Most of the Indian blogs/magazines pay through bank transfers. However, most of the international blogs/magazines pay through PayPal. You need to create a PayPal account and share the details with the client to get the money. It is easy and hassle-free.

Here are some blogs/magazines which pay around $100 (Approximately INR6500) per article. So, grip yourself and let’s make money by writing online articles.


1.Cooking Detective

Pay: Extended guides pay $150-$250, depending on the topic. Articles pay $50-$75.

Requires articles on  Healthy recipes, nutrition tips, entertaining menus, fitness guides, buying guides, reviews of cooking courses and kitchen appliances.

2. A Fine Parent

Pay: $100

Requires articles on Parenting

3. Freelance Mom

Pay: $75 to $100 (plus a $150 bonus for top shared articles)

Requires articles on Motherhood and following your career dreams.

4. A List Apart

Pay: The pay is $50 per mini-article, $100 per article and $200 per feature.

Requires articles on general topics.

5. Upworthy

Pay: Negotiable

Requires articles on Positive news, social justice, original stories

6. Listverse

Pay: $100

Requires articles on General topics

7. The Travel Writer’s Life

Pay: $50 – $200

Requires articles on Travel

Here are some blogs/magazines which pay around $100 (Approximately INR6500) per article. So, grip yourself and let's make money by writing online articles. #Blogging #MakeMoneyOnline #Writing






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