Mompreneur Series

Hello, momma! I am glad that you clicked on this page. It means that you have made the choice and now want to be economically independent while looking after your kids without having to go to an office or confined to a 9-5 job.

Gone are those days when we needed to give up our economic freedom to stay in the confines of our home and look after our families. With the advancement of technology, it is easy to work from home and earn money for a stay at home mom. Numerous companies are offering placements to moms who are on a career break or decide to be stay at home moms. Earning money while looking after your kids is a modern day bliss that has given thousands of qualified moms the economic independence they desired.

Be a mompreneur

What is a mompreneur?

What is a mompreneur first? The term mompreneur is an agglomeration of two distinct words, mom, and entrepreneur. That means a mompreneur is a mother who runs her own business or enterprise. It is a relatively new concept and completely a boon of technology where women are able to work from their homes on their career along with looking after the family. As the internet is being easily available to almost everyone out there, it has become easy to run a web-based business than a brick & mortar shop. All such female business owners who have kids and run their own businesses are termed as a mompreneur.

Positive side of being a mompreneur

  • Work on your own conditions
  • Look after your home and family without compromising your career or economic freedom
  • Earn money at your own pace and your own time
  • Help to ease the burden of bills with your partner
  • Be flexible and adjust the daily routine according to your needs
  • Decrease the stress level after you quit your job to be a mom
  • Save money for better future

Mompreneur Series

Prepare yourself to be a Mompreneur

In this series, I have written about how to decide the business you want to start as a mompreneur, how to prepare emotionally and financially, the advantages and challenges and run successfully once you have started it. I have also listed all the essential resources which will help you in your journey as a mompreneur. Hope, it would help you to live your dream.

Another tip that I want to share with you is that no matter what you do, be yourself. Infuse your personality into the work you are doing. It will definitely bring fruit to you. Be bold. D0 does not hesitate to ask or take the risk. If you are not satisfied with the work you have outsourced, speak up. If you keep mum, the loss will be yours. So, be yourself and rock the world!

The Mompreneur Series


Be a mompreneur


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