Happy Mother’s Day: Thoughts of Mommies!

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.”

— Unknown

Nothing is greater than the gift of motherhood. When a child comes to the world through us, we complete the circle of love and life. Our mothers have taken so much pain and did so many sacrifices while upbringing us but it was when we became a mother, we realized that amount of pain.


Mother's Day Quotes. Happy Mother's Day



Motherhood can not be confined to a day to celebrate it but a day dedicated to mothers can be a good day to sit and celebrate this beautiful phase of our life. And what can be a better way to celebrate than sharing the thoughts of some of the most popular bloggers in India? They were asked to share their thoughts on motherhood and blogging and here are the thoughts.


Menaka Bharthi from Simple Indian Mom

Motherhood to me is something that changes you forever, not just socially but mentally. I cannot think of any day or activity which does not include my children. In fact, it was motherhood that makes a woman closer to her mom, only then does she understand the real meaning of words she had heard from childhood.

From planning their food to their future a mother is in charge, not that father does not involve themselves in these acts, but 75% of work is done by moms.

My mother is a very ambitious person and I think that particular gene is what makes me want to venture into different things I do today – starting from blogging.

My Mindfulness, My Blog and My Business – all are a result of my motherhood. It was searching the best for my children that I came across mindfulness and healthy food. I am basically an agriculturist and hence ventured into growing organic food for my children. This venture is resulted into my business.

Simple Indian Mom is now more into SIM Organics and my products are launched and ready to go to stores.



Neha Goyal from Being Happy Mom

Motherhood is a beautiful phase of life. First touch, the first look of your baby is priceless. I was on cloud nine to hold my baby first time in my arms. For me, motherhood is all about learning the things which work for your baby. When you become a mother, your baby doesn’t come with a guidebook of “how to hold him, how to feed him, how to make him sleep or how to calm him down when crying”.

A woman learns everything naturally when she becomes a Mom.

Your instincts play a vital role in taking care of your child. There are few things that you can learn from the internet. In early days, there was support from elder family members but nowadays most of the new parents are living in nuclear families. To help new moms I started sharing my own parenting experiences through blog BeingHappyMom.

Blogging helped me to work on my own terms and gives me the privilege to continue my work at any location in the world. Last year, we were on two months long vacation and our work didn’t get affected. I am my own boss now.


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Dipika Singh from GleeFull Blogger

Mother – a name/word/definition in itself. Maa, Aayi, Mom, Mummy, Amma you call it in any language any tone it gives the same smoothness and contention to heart. While our body passes through different stages so is the relationship with the mother – she’s a nurturer when we grow into a human form. A teacher when we start learning lessons of being a better human, a friend when we have developed a sense of surroundings. A habit when we seek her presence in every aspect of life, a relation when we start our own new life! JUST A RELATION!


Vasantha Vivek from My Sweet Nothing

I am Vasantha Vivek. I was a Computer Professor. My experience as a professor for past 16 years taught me many lessons. But I resigned my job during 2012 to look after my family since my hubby went to South Africa for his job. These 5 years had given me more life lessons and sweet memories than those 16 years of career life. Yes, really being a mother is more close to my heart. Motherhood is an awesome journey where your destination is not so important but the whole journey is. I really enjoy every aspect of being a mother. Also being a mommy blogger, I learned many life lessons and stories from my fellow blogger friends. Blogging has taught me consistent learning on various dimensions of motherhood. Thanks go to my 14 years old intelligent but too naughty son. I love to spend quality time with him like helping in project works, bed time chit chats, teaching him the life values and so on. Really I am able to recognize the positive changes in his discipline and behavior due to my presence with him when he really needs. I also learned so many things from him such as generosity, kindness, cool and being techy. Thanks Mithu for all that you have brought into my life.


Mothers day thoughts on mothers day


Rakhi Parsai from Life Thru My Eyes

Blogging for me began approximately a year ago. Being a communication professional I always aspired to write something and express myself somewhere. Hence having a website of my own and to write on it came quite naturally. Apart from being a full-time professional and a blogger, I have a major responsibility of being a mother to my 4-year-old daughter. Hence striking a balance between blogging and motherhood is tricky at times. There is a very fine line between real life hours and work hours and most of the times they intersect. But I believe with little effort its possible to find balance and thrive in roles as a mother and a working professional cum blogger. Blogging today has changed a lot as gone are the times when only writing a posts was enough, no perfect photos, no perfect Instagram and Pinterest posts were required. These days there is so much we can do with our blogs that it not only becomes overwhelming but can suck time away from our families.
There are few precious nights when I sneak out of my bed and open my laptop to have my time and have uninterrupted work and writing time for my blog. But these nights are few and far in between the busy life that we all lead. Most of my work happens in the midst of my busy day at work or at home. I constantly get asked by my friends on how I manage my world with full-time work, running a blog and managing home with a naughty preschooler at home. Some days I do better than others but for the most part, I’m just doing the very best I can with the hours I have available to me. My only suggestion to all the mommy blogger would be to follow three simple rules. 1) Set designated time for blogging during the day and stick to it completely 2) Write down blog ideas as you move throughout the day and last but not least 3) Take a break as and when possible and be with your kids.


Manidipa Bhaumik WPBlogging360

Being a mommy blogger is truly awesome, but it is not as rosy as it may seem. Balancing motherhood and blogging is not easy.

I try to perform both the responsibilities religiously. However, no matter how good I manage my time, every moment I feel overworked and exhausted. And, for obvious reasons blogging takes the back step.

Sometimes, it feels like few more hours in a day might make things simpler. Wish, I could slash my sleeping time and devote this to blogging. I know this is not going to give a healthy solution, rather accepting my limitations will.

Balancing both may not always be possible. So you must understand the priorities and be satisfied with your task management abilities. That is how you can enjoy the best of both worlds, without feeling guilty. Happy mother’s day to all the wonderful moms!


Mandavi Jaiswal blogs here

Sometimes I feel motherhood is like making eggs. If you overdo it, you end up burnt out. If you underdo it, it gets all messed up. So just as we would like our eggs to turn out, sunny side up, we all also aspire our kids to turn out just right. That equates to not overdoing the parenting while avoiding under parenting. Hence I consciously decided to have another passion besides bringing up my kids. Essentially to avoid being 101% focused on my kids. And that’s when my journey with blogging started. Happy Mothers Day everyone!


Archana Chaurasia Kapoor from Drishti

The world of blogging happened to me because of my husband Desh – who is a veteran blogger with nearly two decades of writing under his belt! Being an expressive person blogging helped me channel my thoughts and energies into something concrete which will remain forever… not only in my heart but also on my blog! Though I haven’t been writing on our blog Drishti for very long, but the journey has been very enriching. But then life changed, as it always does… and this time around again it was thanks to my husband Desh … we had an angel come straight into my lap. Katyayani – our six-month-old daughter transformed my life! All throughout my pregnancy, I couldn’t write at all. And after she came, poetry flew through my veins and I started writing once again, in her honor. Her love brought the creative side back into my life; and though I haven’t started writing full fledged on my blogs yet, her wonderful antics ensure that I keep writing… But of course, I love the sound of Mommy Blogger!


Milan blogs here

Being a mother of two kids, I am always on my toes. In fact, for any mother, it’s a 24 hours job where I agree when they say (though sounds cliche) she should consciously find “me-time” to keep her sanity intact. I find this time when my kids are at school or at night after they are off to sleep. During this time I pen down my thoughts in my blogs. This is one thing which really keeps my mind healthy and fresh, besides giving me a clear perspective while raising my kids.

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