Smelling Confessions: Down the Memory Lane..

Well, some one as sensitive to smells as I am, there have to be so much memory attributed to them. For me, different smells always touch the cord of a specific memory as if I have categorized with smells. The smells that make me nostalgic are always associated with the ladies in my life. EachRead more

What’s in a name?

‘Peaking’ of a Name In 1847, when it was first located and recorded, the corresponding officer failed to find its name. Hence, the survey team termed is as Peak ‘b’ and later as Peak XV. Everyone in the team was willing to go for its local name, as it was the norm, but failed dueRead more

Table Turned: Discomfort!!

I love to click random moments. But in a get together with some of my friends and colleagues, one of my friend aimed his camera and shot this!!! That too without my knowledge :). Luckily I did not kill him when he mailed me the photograph. Now I am not a photographer nor an artistRead more

Our green elephant

This snap was shot at the Rashtrapati Bhawan i. e. President’s Residence of India. The cute elephant was curved from bushes and it was so lovely that I could not help but take the snap. Rashtrapati Bhawan is the official residence of India’s president. The mansion is huge building with 340 rooms, halls, gardens, lawnsRead more

Daily Prompt: Bookworm’s Confession…

I am posting this piece as a part of Books are true friend of mankind. We can live, laugh, cry, travel with books. Sometimes they surprise you, sometimes they give you shelter, peace and the necessary strength to fight and sometimes they fill your heart with love and joy. For me, books are likeRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up!

The two photographs, though taken off two different objects, depicts the same will i.e. to touch the sky. The tree, free from any bond, is touching the sky with her arms wide open. For me, the tree says, “do not cut me, let me, grow, let me touch the sky like the wind which playRead more

Nature embraces us all…

During one of my visit to Manas..I clicked this photograph. For me, the tree appeals to embrace us all with its wide open trunks. The tree is unique and I find very comforting under its shade. Till now, whenever I visit that place, I smile to the tree and feel welcomed!!