Nature embraces us all…

During one of my visit to Manas..I clicked this photograph. For me, the tree appeals to embrace us all with its wide open trunks. The tree is unique and I find very comforting under its shade. Till now, whenever I visit that place, I smile to the tree and feel welcomed!!

Let us take a pledge today

Earth day is an annual celebration when events on environmental protection and support are demonstrated worldwide. It is celebrated on April 22nd every year in more than 192 countries through the Earth Day Network. Initially, the name and concept of Earth Day was initiated by John McConnell at UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, in 1969. He proposed MarchRead more

Where is Our Conscience?

Sundays are dear to every one, even for me. Sunday is the day of washing clothes, cleaning and decorating my home, preparing a lavish meal and finally a good amount of leisure with lots of readable items. The readable items include specially the Sunday supplements of the newspapers, both Assamese and English. (I think havingRead more

The first bud of a long lost flower

Flowers are lovely and plays a lovely and important role in our lives. We use it for every occasion. They are used for worship, expressing thoughts, for fragrances and lot more. They are parts of our traditions and customs. Such a flower is Ketaki(Pandanus fascicularis). We, Assamese admire the flower for its beauty and smell.Read more

Glimpses of History in the Jeypore Rain Forest

Migration process is one of the basic processes of human history. People migrates for better livelihood and opportunities and that is why, migration process is an integral part of socio-economic aspect of a country.  It is not that every migrant willingly shifted their bases, but some of them are forced to that. Such a storyRead more

Let us fight together against Autism (On the occasion of World Autism Day)

Autism- a neural development disorder is often mistaken by mental instability and autistic people are often humiliated. But in reality, it is a genetic disorder which affects the information processing of the brain and it results into impaired social behavior, communication difficulties and restricted as well as repetitive behavior.  Autistic people are often isolated andRead more

The beginner’s confessions..

Well, when I decided to start blogging, I must say I was quite enthuastic about it. I have a Google account and started a blog on blogger. At that time, I did not have a single idea about the pros and cons of it. I just needed something to write online and was happy aboutRead more