Surprise from Better Half…A Love Letter on His Blog on This Valentine’s Day!

Well, I have always known how romantic my man is but I did not have any idea that he would write something personal on his blog. For the new readers, my husband is a wildlife biologist and spends much of his time in jungles. We have hardly spend any birthdays (except our son’s), anniversary or […]

7 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

As the stay at home moms, we often get busy in solving others’ problems and doing our duties. Can you recall what was the last occasion when you buy something for you? One month? Two months? Six months or a year? I can understand how overwhelming it can be to keep the balance between your responsibilities […]

12 Awesome Recipes to try This Valentine’s Day!!

Hello, dear friends! It is the second week of February and love is literally everywhere. Personally, I love to celebrate love every day in my life through good food and good talk. However, the atmosphere does affect us and I went looking for some awesome recipes to try this Valentine’s week. Then I thought why […]

How to Choose the Right Passive Income Career as A Stay at Home Mom

How to Choose the Right Passive Income Career as A Stay at Home Mom

Have you really thought how much the internet has changed our lives? We rely on it for everything in our life, from calculating our cup sizes to know our ovulation date; the internet has become the friend with whom you can share anything. On the course of time, the internet has also become people’s source […]

I Was Asked to ‘Avoid Soap’ On My Baby’s Sensitive Skin. But I’ll Tell You What Really Worked

Being a mother is difficult. But battling with free advice when you become a mother is even more difficult! Every woman who is pregnant for the first time, or every new mom, will easily understand what I mean. From the moment you announce that you are pregnant till long after you come home with your […]

Why Pastel & Coral Coloured Ethnic Wears Are Preferred By New Mothers?

Parenthood can be really overwhelming if tackled carefully. It is not only about you but about your child as well. During all those humdrum, untimed breastfeeding, changing diapers, all with household chores, it almost becomes impossible to take care of one’s fashion statement. In India, women prefer to wear loose salwar and suits, maternity designer […]