How To Choose The Perfect Name for Your Blog

Choosing your blog’s name is an important step. It is the first step of creating a brand for your blog. Obviously, you need to take this step seriously and professionally.

Never choose a name like my imagination or my adda or love you Ranbir even if you are creating a blog to share your passion for something Bollywood. The name of your blog has to create curiosity and impact in your readers’ minds.

How to choose your blog's name. Your blog's name is the first step to start an online brand. choose it carefully.

Here are some easy steps to choose the right name for your blog

  • Always think of the global audience. As a blog, your blog will not be limited to your region or your country. People from every corner of the world will read it if your content attracts them. Having a name that people don’t identify or relate can turn the things off for you. But even if you have to choose something that is not easily recognizable, choose something easy and explain the story in your ‘about me’ page.
  • Chose a name that conveys the idea behind your blog easily. For example, if you are starting a blog where you will share your college life, choose a name like My College Diary not something like M’s college.
  • Always avoid names which may cause copyright infringement. Like if you are sharing your expertize on Adidas shoes, never go for a blog name like My Adidas Shoes. You never know when you get a copyright violation notice from the company.
  • Always use an easy and simple name for your blog. It is important too that people hardly misspell your blog name to avoid loss of traffic.
  • Try something catchy too. Create a catchy tagline to show the spirit of the blog.

How to choose your blog's name. Your blog's name is the first step to start an online brand. choose it carefully.

Some important tips to remember while choosing your blog’s name

  • After choosing the niche for your blog, research thoroughly about the prospective topic. Pen down the ideas that come to your mind. Now, narrow it down to choose the right keywords for the topic. You can insert the most important keyword in your blog’s name to increase your SEO.
  • Check the name’s availability in social media too. It is important to have social media handles with the blog name.
  • Always keep the name short and easy to remember.

5 thoughts on “How To Choose The Perfect Name for Your Blog

  1. Hello Puspanjalee,

    Great to be here at your web site 🙂

    Great tips over here.

    Choosing the blog name could be messy sometimes. People do think that they can get some unique names for their blog, but the truth is that ain’t going to work.
    As you said people would be here from various corner of the world and they might get difficult in understanding our blog name and what are we offering.

    Key words are important, they plays a vital role in ranking our sites well in the eyes of Google and SEO.

    Thanks for the helpful tips.

    I will tweet this post.


    1. Thanks Shantanu for your insights on the topic. I appreciate you for your time and sharing of the article.

  2. I just discovered this space, and I regret not having found it sooner! Yours is an amazing blog; a blessing to beginners like me, that are filled with thoughts to the brim, but lack the expertise of tackling a blog when trying to express themselves.

    Thank you so much for these guidelines.


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Aishwarya. I am glad that my writing can be of help to you. Let’s grow together!

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