Mompreneur Business: How To Be A Personal Style Coach

Do you guide people on how to become more presentable before the world? Do you often advise your friends about their image for free? Do you accompany everyone to the shopping just to pick the right dress for them? Does every friend turn to you whenever they have something important for support? Then this article on how to be a Personal Style Coach is just for you, momma!

In my last series, I discussed how to be a mompreneur, its challenges and all the side hustles you can do while becoming one. I have also discussed how to fund your business and offered easy to follow business ideas for you. Now it is time for us to know what sort of business path can work for you depending upon your creativity.

I would like to remind you all that my ideas of businesses are based on your skills. I offer advises but it is you who will have to go through the pain of making and establishing your business. Today, I will discuss how you can harness your fashion sense and tips on empowering others to make money and build it a business worth of your time and creativity.

But before we delve into how you can become a personal style coach, let us know what it is.

Who is a Personal Style Coach?

A personal style coach is someone who helps you to get a professional, polished and confident look. In this era, when everything depends upon the first impression, a person must be at his/her best at every occasion. A personal style coach guides you to get the confident and smart public image. They choose your personal style including clothes, accessories, and other required items to make your public image strong.


What does a Personal Style Coach offer?

A personal style coach offers more than simple guidance on what to wear to an individual. They offer confidence to their client’s image.

Personal styling coaches help the clients in personal empowerment. As I mentioned that the first personal impression is an essential thing to build a strong image in public, we must carry our style with elegance. But sometimes our stress and poor mental condition win and our outer image display it in front of the world. It may cost you a deal or a person lacking confidence.

Here comes the need of a personal style coach who will guide us to have a better presence and composition. If you are confident about your style, it will provide positivity and self-esteem in any conversation you have with the outer world.

Style coaches guide you through the procedure to transform from a shabby, confidence lacking person to a smart, confident person that people actually listen. They work according to what type of personal development and self-exploration the client need. They provide direction, help, and focus that creates a permanent change in an individual’s lifestyle.

What skills do you need to be a Personal Style Coach?

  • An eye for fashion trend
  • A good sense of how different types of person need different solution
  • A good knowledge of different body types
  • Fine skill to make people understand their potentiality.
  • A proper business mindset so that you stop giving free advice to anyone who asks your advice.

How to Become a personal style coach

How to become a Personal Style Coach?

Seek help from friends and families

This is a business you can start from the comforts of your home. You do not need to establish a brick and mortar shop to open a chamber. Initially, start with your friends and their contacts. I am sure most people who know you know that you are good with fashion sense. Tell them that you have started giving professional advises that can change their whole personal style in lieu of a nominal price.

At first, it would be difficult to make people understand. (Trust me, I was there too) You would be ridiculed but keep your calm. Ask them if they can inform someone who needs such advice. Most brides, bridegrooms, people going abroad, people who are grooming themselves for beauty pageant will be your potential clients. Ask people to share your number too.


Meet fashion designers, boutique owners and let them know about your service. Most designers look for personal styling coach for their clients. It is good to contact even before you start your business so that once you launch, people will be aware of it.

Join relevant Facebook and WhatsApp groups where you can interact with like-minded people or people who are in need of your service.

Facebook Page

Facebook is the strongest social media out there and an excellent marketing tool. Create a business page for your service. Offer free tips so that people can know about your expertise on the matter.

How do you start Personal Style Coach?

When someone contacts you for your services, go for initial consultation. Know about the person, what they exactly need and how can your services fit into it. The first meeting is also an opportunity to know the client and whether you can be able to work with the person, the positive sides and the restrictions you may have.


Before you start, make sure you know your strength as a personal style coach. Research about the trends of personal development that can be applied in your clients. Read motivational books and share your knowledge. Check out what are the tools or external resources you may need as a coach.

Here is an online course on what you need to become a personal coach. This course comes from industry forerunner Sola Adelowo, who runs her own personal styling business.

All the best, Mommies! I am sure you will nail it!




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