Positivity for A Successful Entrepreneur

Positivity for A Successful Entrepreneur

This post is written by our guest blogger, Darshana Sarmah Bhagawati

Make positivity a habit. And if you are an entrepreneur, this habit will hold your finger to take you to the goal. Because the very decision to move in your own chosen direction requires a much-needed dose of positivity. It is a part of your self-responsibility that will give power to your venture.  As it is rightly said, ‘attitude is everything’. Your correct attitude towards your life gets reflected in your work. Entrepreneurs are by default ‘risk takers’, therefore positivity goes a long way to take calculated risks in their very venture. Let’s see how positive attitude can help an entrepreneur in the venture:

  1. Energy

Positivity fills you up with the correct energy level. It maintains your daily enthusiasm, builds up your intelligence, increases your creativity. Positivity carries with it optimism that affects your work performance. As Napoleon Hill said,  ‘ A person with positive mental attitude aims for high goals and constantly strives to achieve them’

  1. Visualization of goal:

A positive perspective gives a clear vision of your goal. Instead of showing you a blurred picture of where you are heading, you become sure of the way to move on and where to move on.

Positivity for A Successful Entrepreneur

  1. Patience

Positivity carries with the most important ‘P’ i.e. patients. Up and downs are part of any business venture. But to hold on with the virtue of patience comes only with the attitude of positivity within. Your patiently done commitment will bring you effective results.

  1. Lighten up

The calm and relaxed state always helps you in taking the correct decision. The correct decision moulds out your business. So, positive attitude helps you to stay lighter and relaxed and hence having a positive impact on your decision making. The more you stay lighter the more positivity you will attract and more will be your productivity.

  1. Manage anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress have almost become part and parcel of our life. But once you realise how it drains us away from our usable energy, you can easily manage those fluctuations to something positive and enjoyable. Positivity will make you learn self-mastery. In the words of Jeff Keller, ‘adversity brings out our hidden potential’.

Positivity for A Successful Entrepreneur

  1. Leaving positive impression

You will create, attract similar vibes around you. This is rather very necessary for any entrepreneur to leave a lasting impression on people you meet. The more you are positive, the more will be people connected with you. Unexpected doors and avenues will welcome you on your journey.

  1. Learning zeal

Positivity helps in creating in you a learning zeal. Learning should never stop. A continuous learning zeal either from your failures or others’ words of advice will always help you towards more innovative ideas.

This post is written by  Darshana Sharma Bhagawati, a positivity and wellness coach. She is also a research scholar in Geography, a mother, and a teacher.

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  1. The write up is so well written with the focus of positivity in the successful journey of any entrepreneur. Even though the impact of being optimistic can be felt in anybody’s life if he or she want to happy and successful in their life.

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