6 Easy Tips to Practice Meditation After Pregnancy for A Better Life

This post is written by Darshana Sharma Bhagawati, a budding blogger.


Mothers not only undergo noticeable physical changes in her, during and after pregnancy, but a lot of mental changes or in other words face the mental storm. In fact, the hidden mental changes are far more aching than the physical ones. But the saddest part of it is that very few surrounding people actually understand or aware of the mental need for a mother. It is equally hard and struggle some for all mothers but proves a bit harder for a mother if she happens to go an additional transition from a working state to stay-at-home state.

Want to Practice Meditation After Pregnancy for A Better Life? Try This 6 Easy Tips!


It is during my similar phase when tonics for physical healing fails to cure the undiagnosed mental ones, this BIG thing happened to me. Somehow, one day I gave a visit to a spiritual center nearby. It was purely a trial visit, with no other options left. They have their own lessons, beliefs, and preaching methods but meditation forms an important part of their teachings. And honestly, it is the SECOND BEST thing happened to me after my baby. Meditation has now become a part of my life. At first, it appears to be more boring than being tough, but it is simple once you make up your mind. Below I suggest few initial practice steps for beginners that I applied for meditation.


6 Easy Tips to Practice Meditation After Pregnancy for A Better Life

Sit down in a silent corner

The silent environment is almost mandatory. One can choose early hours of the morning or few minutes before sleeping at night.

Sit comfortably

There is no strict position for meditation. But one has to be comfortable, so that bad posture does not distract the track of mind every now and then.


Though it is not compulsory to keep your eyes closed, yes it is preferable so that there is no distraction.

Think of something good

Concentrate on the good things of your life, and in case you keep your eyes open, try to focus on some soothing thing nearby, for example, a blooming flower.

Track your thought

Try to be conscious of what you are thinking, in other words, know your feelings. Streamline your thoughts until you go blank.


While the process is on, various types of thoughts will come to your mind, let them pass, do not hold. Retry the process. It may take a few days or sometimes may be a month, depending upon your practice.

Till you enjoy the BLISS of meditation.

Happy motherhood !!

This post is written by  Darshana Sharma Bhagawati, who is the new Guest Blogger in My Writing, My World. She is a research scholar in Geography, a mother, and a teacher.

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