How to Choose the Right Passive Income Career as A Stay at Home Mom

How to Choose the Right Passive Income Career as A Stay at Home Mom

Have you really thought how much the internet has changed our lives? We rely on it for everything in our life, from calculating our cup sizes to know our ovulation date; the internet has become the friend with whom you can share anything. On the course of time, the internet has also become people’s source of bread and butter. Meet Mitali who runs her own cooking classes and connect with her students through Facebook.  Or Suzi from Start A Mom Blog who stays at home taking care of her children and makes money from her online courses. Or that girl from my neighborhood who runs a studio of her own and teach children painting online twice a week and take care of her bills.

So, how to choose the right passive income career once you decide to be a stay at home mom after childbirth?


How to Choose the Right Passive Income Career as A Stay at Home Mom


First of all, always remember time is everything after you decide to stay at home and earn money. If you are thinking that ‘I will take a nap and finish this article’ then stop right there!  You really need to stop thinking to do the work later and start acting fast. If you have decided that you will stay at home for your kids and need some passive income for being financially independent, then you need to be focused on your goals. Here are things to be considered before you start your passive income career as a stay at home mom.

  • Evaluate your skills

There are hundreds of things that can earn good money as a stay at home mom. And, there are hundreds of things that you know. But you cannot be master of all trades, right? So, first put down all of your skills and go through all the points regarding each skill. If you are an excellent cook, evaluate if you can teach people how to cook. If you know music, can you invite students to learn it from you? Or if you are a good computer programmer, then will the companies willing to hire you? Thoroughly examine your strength as well as your weakness. It will give you the insight to know what skill you want to use to start your passive income career.

  • Know your depth

After evaluating your skills, it is time to analyze if the particular thing will interest you or not. Forget about others, your work must satisfy your mind first. For example, if you have opened a cooking class but you hate teaching, then it is of no use. Instead, try different areas. Write an e-cookbook and sell it on leading online stores. You can also start a food blog where you can share your passion for cooking. Blogs are an excellent source of passive income nowadays and your passion can help you with that.



  • Know your times

Life after babies is hectic. Amidst endless diaper changes and breastfeeding, it is hard to find time for creative works. But it is also not impossible. Set a routine for everything, rise early and you will get some good amount of time. I know the coming line would sound cheesy but once your baby starts growing, the mommy gets more time. Mark the gaps between feeding and napping times of your baby where you can give time to your passive income career. Choose the career according to the time you can devote to it. No career grows without the dedication and passive income career applies the same rule.

  • Decide the value

It is important to decide what values you are going to give your passive income career. If you think that this career is just for time being and once you can get back to an office, you are going to quite it, then do not go for it. Instead, spend time with your kid or read a book or share a meal with family and friends. There are people who are living off passive income careers and they are working very hard for it. There are stay at home moms, for whom, such works decide the next essential item they would buy for their kids. Every career is important whether you do it from full furnished offices or your dining table. Give respect to your ability to earn money from your creative or acquired skills and choose the career accordingly. I am sure you would be able to have financial freedom in spite of giving up your flourished career.


10 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Passive Income Career as A Stay at Home Mom

  1. I could not agree more when you said “your work must satisfy your mind first”. I also believe its of utmost importance that you should enjoy what u do. everything else falls in place.

  2. Putting a value to your experience and expertise is something most stay at home moms have trouble with. I was having this issue when I wanted to raise my charges. well with experience it does get to some place where we can handle all this professionally

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