I Was Asked to ‘Avoid Soap’ On My Baby’s Sensitive Skin. But I’ll Tell You What Really Worked

Being a mother is difficult. But battling with free advice when you become a mother is even more difficult! Every woman who is pregnant for the first time, or every new mom, will easily understand what I mean. From the moment you announce that you are pregnant till long after you come home with your bundle of joy, advice keeps pouring in. And woe betides you if you encounter some problem with your little one! Everyone will be an expert in baby care. So, naturally, when my son caught a skin allergy and was unable to tolerate anything, I was pushed to the brink of insanity.

My baby boy’s skin was extremely sensitive. Not just that, his skin also felt dry, flaky, and he was unable to even wear clothes! I was in full panic mode and insanely asked my mom and the paediatrician what to do in the situation. I had been blessed with a healthy pregnancy, and this situation when nothing worked on my baby’s skin caught me unaware. Everyone came to visit my sunny boy, and every neighborhood aunt had a unique piece of advice. Some of these suggestions made me giggle while some made me roll my eyes. But there were a few comments that just hurt me. They seemed to suggest that I was somehow responsible for my baby’s skin problems as I didn’t know the right way of looking after him!

One of the most common pieces of advice I got during this period was to avoid using soap during the bath. I was even told that since my baby’s skin was so sensitive, I should stop bathing him altogether to minimize the allergy! But one rule I have always followed since day one is my son’s cleansing ritual. I believe that a bath is essential both to keep the child clean and germ-free, as well to bond with him. This advice, therefore, didn’t go down well with me. I was sure the problem was something else…

What really helped me deal with my baby’s skin-sensitivity?

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