7 Small Business Ideas for Mompreneurs

This article is a part of my “How To Be a Mompreneur Series”. You can read the whole series here.

Every day, a large number of women are working from home earning money while looking after their kids. These women, popularly known as mompreneurs, have changed the concept of stay at home moms with their creativity and innovation. The mompreneurs have used their creativity to establish their own businesses which have given them financial security and freedom from a 9-5 job. At Stories of Motherhood, I have always encouraged my readers to realize their potentiality and help them to spend more time with their kids. Today, I am sharing 7 small business ideas for mompreneurs which can be easily started and maintained.

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This article is a part of my “How To Be a Mompreneur Series”. You can read the whole series here.

What is a small business?

Small businesses are privately owned enterprises which have smaller investments, relatively small revenues, and fewer employees. These businesses are often managed by one or two people with personal investments initially. They are relatively easier to set up and you as a brand new mompreneur, small businesses are definitely a sure thing to try. The small business ideas for mompreneurs which I am sharing here can be started with a minimum investment. So, be bold and take the first step to being independent economically even if you have quit your 9-5 job.

7 Small Business Ideas for Mompreneurs

7 Small Business Ideas for Mompreneurs


If you have lots of space and more importantly patience, starting a daycare is a lucrative business. Today, moms like us depend upon daycare services for their kids and when a mom starts such services, those parents quickly trust it. Being a mom, you will be able to identify the kids’ problems and seek the solutions. For a daycare business, you will need lots of space where the children can play, basic amenities, educational toys, at least two caretakers, one nurse and your love for the kids.


Do you love to cook and serve people? Then catering for small functions and parties can be your forte in business. People love to eat and they are always on a hunt for good food and excellent services. Combine your culinary skills with good services and you will definitely make it a success.

This article is a part of my “How To Be a Mompreneur Series”. You can read the whole series here.

Content writing

As numerous websites, magazines are coming up on daily basis, the demand for content writers has soared into the sky. If you have that particular skill, then a content writing service and earn money. Initially, it may seem hard but once you show caliber and commitment, there will be no point of looking back. You also do not need to invest anything in this business except a good laptop and internet connection. You must be familiar with trends and have good research skill to know the subject you are writing on. What are you thinking? Grab the chance now!

Art & Craft

The demand for a new designer sweater or a good terracotta piece will never fall. People love to buy art & craft. If you know any of such skills, cash in. Try selling it online or from your home. I can guarantee that you won’t have a dull day, ever!

7 Small Business Ideas for Mompreneurs

Online coach

If you were academician then there are numerous online platforms that will let you teach anything to anyone. Even if you are skilled in guitar playing or baking a cake, these platforms are ideal places where you can start your own online school and earn money.

This article is a part of my “How To Be a Mompreneur Series”. You can read the whole series here.


Blogging is the new face of brand promotion and there are lots of bloggers I know who are making money in six figures every month with blogging. If you love challenges or discussing the things you love to a dedicated audience, blogging is your thing. Brands always look for good blogs where they can promote their products and pay handsomely for it. If you are thinking for sometimes to start a professional blog but overwhelmed with the ideas and planning, here is the perfect book which will help you to start a blog.

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Online consultant

People require bits of advice. They need other’s opinion on every mundane matter. If you have that special knack where you can offer your consultancy on a certain topic, cash in. There are lots of choices where a perfect consultant can fit in.

These are 7 small business ideas for mompreneurs. If after going through this article, you have felt that you can fit in any of this ideas, do not hesitate. You are superb, you are raising a fantastic human being and you are doing excellent in everything. You can definitely strat a business of your own. All you need is a little encouragement and I am always ready to encourage you, people. If you have any question regarding setting up a business, feel free to ping me. I am just a comment away!

This article is a part of my “How To Be a Mompreneur Series”. You can read the whole series here.



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