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So, let us assume that you have a kickass idea which you can not wait to share with the world. You know everything about the idea, even you are an expert in your subject and you want to establish your expertise on the topic. So, you decide that you will start a blog and post your knowledge regularly. You start a blog, wrote awesome articles and went to sleep every night feeling content.

But after one month, when you analyze the statistics of your blog, you notice that the only person who is reading the blog is you or your BFF. Now that’s a bummer for you. You feel de-motivated and stopped blogging completely. And with that establishing you as an expert went with your tears.

But there are people whose blogs are read million times and they have established themselves as experts in their fields. And most importantly, they are making money from their writings and blogs.

You and your blog can do the same thing. Make money and earn economic freedom. Establish yourself as an expert. But how?

This blogging course will show you how.

In this free course, I am offering you the exact tips and tricks that I have applied to make my blog successful. I am giving you my ‘behind the scene’ tools to grow your traffic and thus appealing to more visitors. I am sharing my strategy to earn money from your blog.

This is my payback to my readers and well wishers who have read, shared and promoted my blogs seeking nothing in return. This is the course I have developed for those people who constantly ask me how to start a profitable and successful blog.

The blogging course is named Blogging Business. Why?

Because blogging is a serious business. It needs dedication and hard work like any business in the world. As a blogger, you have to carry the responsibilities of creating content, publishing it, promoting it, sharing it with other and interacting with other bloggers.

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It may seem easy but when you involve yourself into serious blogging, that is a lot of work. People look for solutions in blogs. And unless you deliver that to your audience in an easy way, your blog is left behind.

But do not worry. I will show you exactly what to do when you start professional blogging.

Start a blog with this awesome course

The Blogging Business course comes with 6 modules where we will learn from scratch to start a blog. The course is designed for beginners and people with little with no knowledge of the technology which is needed to build a website.

Please note that the course Blogging Business will teach you how to start a self-hosted blog using a custom domain and WordPress as a blogging platform. The following terms are associated with WordPress blogs which are self-hosted.

The course will teach you

  • How to choose the topic and niche of your blog.
  • How to choose the domain name and hosting for your blog
  • How to write a blog post and what to do before and after publishing it.
  • How to promote and share your blog post.
  • How to gain traffic and be visible in the virtual world.
  • How to monetise your blog.

At the end of the course, you will also get some bonus worksheets from me to start a killer blog. I have already relesed the initial three chapters and the remaining chapters of the blogging course will be released next week.

Come on now! Let’s blog and let’s blog professionally! Click the image below to go to the course directly!

Free blogging course to start a blog now

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