Why I Shared a Love-Hate Relationship With My Baby’s Maalishwali

During my pregnancy, I had planned on doing all the baby massage by myself. It was my time for bonding with my baby, to know him more and to let him know me more. But I was not expecting the mood swings that I got after childbirth. I was a little skeptical about hiring aRead more

5 Habits to Maintain Your Child’s Growth

As my son was transiting from breast milk to solids, I was very worried. I didn’t know how he would react to baby food, how many times I would feed him, how I would balance breast milk with the solids and the question list was a long one. But my mother helped me very muchRead more

Myth of Motherhood

It was a bright summer afternoon of 2013. We had recently moved to the capital city and just like any working woman, I was busy with the new job and new life in a new city. But that afternoon changed my whole life. I was feeling dizzy for two days and out of the blue,Read more