Tips For A Kid-Friendly Summer Season

This article is originally published on Summer is here and the heat is unbearable and this is just the beginning. As a mom, I will be always panicky during the summer months as the heat and infections can make your life miserable. During the first two summers of my child’s life, I didn’t feelRead more

Cooking for Kids: Maggi Omelette

√Statutory Warning: Sometimes mothers can be inconsolable too! I am here to rant today. √   Cooking is not an easy job. Cooking for a kid? That’s the whole new level. These are my mother’s words. As kids, I and my brother showed hundred nakhre during the mealtime. We were satisfied with simple things butRead more

5 Tips for Hiring Your Kid’s Babysitter

How to hire babysitter for your kid

As I am writing this piece, the whole local media is going crazy about a small girl. The girl, aged 7, has allegedly been abducted by their housemaid on 24th August. Her parents, both doctors by profession, were at their workplaces when the maid took the little one with her. The whole city was inRead more

Indulgence: To Do Or Not To Do

We all love to pamper our children. After all, we are parents and it’s our right as well as duty to pamper our kids and indulge them in every possible way, isn’t it? Or do you think that over indulgence can ruin your kids? Well, it is a million dollar issue and no parent canRead more

Stimulate the Creativity in your Child

Babies are generally curious. They love to explore about things and if it guided properly, this curiosity can serve them well. I always try to stimulate my child’s inquisitiveness by introducing new things where he can play and learn simultaneously. But it is not always easy to find things that encourage the kid’s creative sideRead more

Fighting Against Gender Stereotypes

The other day, one of our relatives visited us. As she was family, I brought her to the kitchen to chit chat while preparing dinner for us. As soon as I entered the kitchen, my toddler ran to the kitchen and resumed his work as my ‘helper’. It is not that a two-year-old can helpRead more

How To Handle Your Child Alone

Today’s hectic life often leads us the outside of home and it is now common to have your husband travel or be away from home for his job or business. My husband stays away from home twenty days a month and it becomes very difficult to manage everything with a super active toddler in tow.Read more

The Bi(cycle) of Life!

Have you guys watched the movie Three Idiots? Ok, who I am kidding? Of course you have watched the movie and even read the book it’s based on! Who has not adored Rancho and his innovative ideas? My favourite scene from the movie is when Farhan’s father hovered above his cradle as soon as heRead more

5 Things that I learnt from Lily Potter as A Mother

Once a Potterhead, always a Potterhead. When I first learned about the Harry Potter series, I didn’t want to read it. I thought I would not be able to bear the witchcraft and wizardry. But the bookworm in me insisted that I read it and I am glad that I did it. For me, itRead more