How To Keep Blogging Even If You Have Only 1 Hour A Day

How To Keep Blogging Even If You Have Only 1 Hour A Day

Blogging is time-consuming and stressful. Yes. I know! Been there. Done that. Blogging sometimes is so stressful that all I want is to shut my laptop down and never open it. But to run away is not the solution to the problem. Is it? The real deal is to hold your ground and keep blogging.Read more

5 Effective Tips to Write Blog Titles which Bring Traffic

Blog titles are the first thing people will notice in your blog post. They are the most prominent feature in your blog posts which will attract visitors and eventually your customers. But how to write great and effective blog titles? Here is the solution. After learning how to write a blog post and 6 blogRead more

Do You Know The History of Blogging?

Are you a social media user? Do you love to share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Then you must have heard about the term blog. So, what is a blog? If you search the term blog, Google can give you 6,93,00,00,000 answers in mere 0.41 seconds. But let me spare your patience andRead more

6 Types of Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog

Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog

After learning how to write a blog post, it is time to know what are the types of blog posts which drive traffic to your blog. The types of blog posts in your blog also determine your poularity as a professional blogger. You can follow the types of blog post ideas or create something whichRead more

Ultimate Guide To Write A Smart Blog Post

Ultimate Guide To Write A Smart Blog Post

In one of my infographics , I dissected the anatomy of a great blog post. In continuation to that post, today we will delve deeper into writing a perfect, killer blog post. In blogging, writing is your weapon. Unless you are video blogging, writing is the main medium to share your knowledge/expertise with others. WritingRead more

Is Blogging Tough? Find Some Easy Productivity Tips Inside

Is blogging tough? It is not unless you try to be rich and famous over the night. Blogging needs hardwork and patience.

Is blogging a tough job? Blogging is one of the fastest growing and lucrative industries in recent times. Though there are millions of blogs out there, the numbers of blogs are increasing day by day. Now, bloggers are the new age entrepreneurs who have started the Digital Revolution. But is blogging that easy? Can anyoneRead more

How To Choose The Perfect Name for Your Blog

Choosing your blog’s name is an important step. It is the first step of creating a brand for your blog. Obviously, you need to take this step seriously and professionally. Never choose a name like my imagination or my adda or love you Ranbir even if you are creating a blog to share your passion for something Bollywood. The name of your blogRead more

5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Blog Niche When You Start

It is important to know your focus before you even start to dream about your blog. Without the focus, your energy for blogging will go astray making it good for nothing. So, how to choose the blog niche when you start blogging? Let us begin by placing us in the place of visitors. Suppose IRead more

Is Good English Necessary for Blogging?

Is Good English Necessary for Blogging?

“Is good English necessary for blogging?” is one of the most common questions I face as a Writing and Blogging coach. Many people come to me and say that they would love to blog but they are not so confident about their English. Well, it is a common thought before you start something which involvesRead more

5 Questions To Ask Before You Start Blogging

Although there are numerous content and help available online, every beginner has questions regarding blogging. Some of those questions are serious as the answers can boost a blogger’s confidence tenfold. These questions actually reflect how much the blogger is serious and passionate about the blogging. Yes, I have also encountered some silly questions but allRead more