Book Review: Just Give Me 10 Minutes by Kathie Davis

Hello, dear readers! I know you all are busy moms with a kid to ponder upon whatever you do. Though our kids are little bundles of joy yet sometimes, it becomes difficult to manage the time with a wailing kid when you have a deadline to meet. I bet you all have uttered the words,Read more

The Art of Food Writing: Bongmom’s Cookbook

I am little late (Little?) late in writing about the book but trust me, the BongMom’s Cookbook has become my part. How can you write about something in mere a 5oo words blogpost when the thing is now synonymous to basic needs in my kitchen? As I have written at another place that cooking didRead more

Kowsi’s Musings: Book Review of Pride & Prejudice

Internet is a funny place. You spend most of the time here but it is not your home. But it never ceases any opportunity to mesmerise it. In this Age of Virtual connection, we meet thousands of people over the internet. Thousands of persons and thousands of stories are waiting to be spoken by eachRead more

Five Websites on Books

These days, many are suggesting that books are neglected by mass part of population in this era of advanced technology. The smart-phones have already replaced the good old books. But, is this so? Do the smart-phones or tablets or I-pads have really replaced our books? The answer here will be NO. Like all other things,Read more

Book Review: Cultural Roots of the 1622 Indian Attack

History of a country is always dazed by fascinating facts, strange events and heroic deeds. But if you are talking about the history of a country as diverse as the United States of America, where the human civilization of the earth took a new turn, you have to be astonished at every step. The historyRead more

Here comes the baby!!

Last two weeks were spent in very much excitement. I do not know about others but I got difficulties in sleeping and was very anxious. No,, you are thinking that I am due to give birth a child after reading the title of this post, you are partially wrong as I am here talking about my secondRead more

Book Review: Reptiles of Assam

Any book on wildlife fascinates me. Perhaps it is my hubby’s influence as he is a wildlife biologist or my own interest. But reptiles, especially snakes are something that causes severe phobia to me. However, when this book was up for review, I could not ignore it. The book here for review is An Amateur’sRead more

Daily Prompt: Bookworm’s Confession…

I am posting this piece as a part of Books are true friend of mankind. We can live, laugh, cry, travel with books. Sometimes they surprise you, sometimes they give you shelter, peace and the necessary strength to fight and sometimes they fill your heart with love and joy. For me, books are likeRead more