Top 5 Gift Ideas for Kids on This Children’s Day

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Kids on Children’s Day

Children are the most genuine takers in this world. You gift them just a tiny dot and they will be so happy that it will make you smile instantly. Every year, 14th November is celebrated as Children’s Day in India to make these special souls more special. Generally, picnics, games, and recreational activities are heldRead more

Tamasha and My Child’s Future

The other day, I was watching the movie Tamasha. The movie was good, superb acting, picturesque location and good music. But the thing that attracted me was the story. In the first look, you may find the film somewhat confusing but as the story progresses you realise that it is not Tara-Ved’s or Mona-Don’s story,Read more

Let us fight together against Autism (On the occasion of World Autism Day)

Autism- a neural development disorder is often mistaken by mental instability and autistic people are often humiliated. But in reality, it is a genetic disorder which affects the information processing of the brain and it results into impaired social behavior, communication difficulties and restricted as well as repetitive behavior.  Autistic people are often isolated andRead more