7 Things to Consider While Writing Your First Non-Fiction Book

Being an editor is not an easy job. And if you are a development editor of nonfiction books, you are in a tight position. Development editing and copy editing is one of the brainstorming jobs in the creativity world. Every now and then, I come across the question what are the things to consider while Read more about 7 Things to Consider While Writing Your First Non-Fiction Book[…]

Writer’s agony

It is almost a month from my last post. Today when I opened my blog, there was no visitor, no comment or like. It was apparent as I did not go through for last one month. Sometime the life keeps you so busy that it becomes impossible to pace with it. In a new place, Read more about Writer’s agony[…]

Glimpses of History in the Jeypore Rain Forest

Migration process is one of the basic processes of human history. People migrates for better livelihood and opportunities and that is why, migration process is an integral part of socio-economic aspect of a country.  It is not that every migrant willingly shifted their bases, but some of them are forced to that. Such a story Read more about Glimpses of History in the Jeypore Rain Forest[…]

The beginner’s confessions..

Well, when I decided to start blogging, I must say I was quite enthuastic about it. I have a Google account and started a blog on blogger. At that time, I did not have a single idea about the pros and cons of it. I just needed something to write online and was happy about Read more about The beginner’s confessions..[…]