Sparkling & DIY Décor Ideas for Christmas and New Year Party

Have you noticed how your face lits up when you enter a house party and the host has neatly laid out the dinner table, set up an elegant centerpiece and put some candles around the house? We all are the suckers for good things in life. It may not come naturally to a lot ofRead more

Till We Meet Again!!

So, it’s 29th February. A day which comes after every four year. Since when I came through this date, it beholds a special place in my heart. I try to do something unique every time. Today, I chose to stay with my son except a few hours work. There was nothing special but still it’sRead more

Something Personal on V Day!

So, the day of love is finally over. It was just like any other day for me. It was just another Sunday. Like any other Sundays, I did my laundry, cooking and every other thing that weekdays don’t permit me. I played with my kid before his bathtime like every weekend. Nothing was special todayRead more

A Journey Together…

There is hardly any soul these days who is not busy and stressful. Every person is confounded in his/her own personal hell with eternal job responsibilities, demands from family and blah blah blah. Same thing goes same with me too. Work, household activities, baby leaves hardly any space for some recreation. (Thank god for thisRead more