6 Easy Tips to Practice Meditation After Pregnancy for A Better Life

This post is written by Darshana Sharma Bhagawati, a budding blogger.   Mothers not only undergo noticeable physical changes in her, during and after pregnancy, but a lot of mental changes or in other words face the mental storm. In fact, the hidden mental changes are far more aching than the physical ones. But theRead more

Why I Shared a Love-Hate Relationship With My Baby’s Maalishwali

During my pregnancy, I had planned on doing all the baby massage by myself. It was my time for bonding with my baby, to know him more and to let him know me more. But I was not expecting the mood swings that I got after childbirth. I was a little skeptical about hiring aRead more

Something Personal on V Day!

So, the day of love is finally over. It was just like any other day for me. It was just another Sunday. Like any other Sundays, I did my laundry, cooking and every other thing that weekdays don’t permit me. I played with my kid before his bathtime like every weekend. Nothing was special todayRead more

The Bonding Over the Load…

One of the purest relationships in human society is the relationship between siblings. A brother or sister is somebody who understands you most, a bond created in the womb and fueled by love to get stronger over the time. Somebody who is always there for you, to comfort you, to cheer you, to scold you,Read more

My Better Half

Well,I have not share much personal in this space. Here is my hubby, whom I have mentioned in my several posts. He is certainly my better half, a man of few words but with a golden heart. (Now, I am getting biased 🙂 🙂 :)) This picture is taken by a world-famous wildlife biologist andRead more

The first bud of a long lost flower

Flowers are lovely and plays a lovely and important role in our lives. We use it for every occasion. They are used for worship, expressing thoughts, for fragrances and lot more. They are parts of our traditions and customs. Such a flower is Ketaki(Pandanus fascicularis). We, Assamese admire the flower for its beauty and smell.Read more