Challenges Work From Home Moms In India Face

This article is a part of my “How To Be a Mompreneur Series”. You can read the whole series here. Gone are those days when we needed to give up our economic freedom to stay in the confines of our home and look after our families. With the advancement of technology, it is easy toRead more

How to Become A Successful Mompreneur and Earn Money for your Family

This article is a part of my “How To Be a Mompreneur Series”. You can read the whole series here.   In every part of the world, you see moms who are juggling the demands of their families, kids and earning economic freedom. Such mom is often termed as mompreneur doing the toughest job ofRead more

7 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

As the stay at home moms, we often get busy in solving others’ problems and doing our duties. Can you recall what was the last occasion when you buy something for you? One month? Two months? Six months or a year? I can understand how overwhelming it can be to keep the balance between your responsibilitiesRead more

Indulgence: To Do Or Not To Do

We all love to pamper our children. After all, we are parents and it’s our right as well as duty to pamper our kids and indulge them in every possible way, isn’t it? Or do you think that over indulgence can ruin your kids? Well, it is a million dollar issue and no parent canRead more

Stimulate the Creativity in your Child

Babies are generally curious. They love to explore about things and if it guided properly, this curiosity can serve them well. I always try to stimulate my child’s inquisitiveness by introducing new things where he can play and learn simultaneously. But it is not always easy to find things that encourage the kid’s creative sideRead more

Fighting Against Gender Stereotypes

The other day, one of our relatives visited us. As she was family, I brought her to the kitchen to chit chat while preparing dinner for us. As soon as I entered the kitchen, my toddler ran to the kitchen and resumed his work as my ‘helper’. It is not that a two-year-old can helpRead more

Happy Father’s Day, Mom!

So, Father’s Day came and went. I just wished my husband once and there was no fuss about the day. Personally, I do not believe in such days. Parenthood is a lifelong business; you do not require a particular day to thank your mom or dad for being mom and dad. But as soon asRead more

5 Things that I learnt from Lily Potter as A Mother

Once a Potterhead, always a Potterhead. When I first learned about the Harry Potter series, I didn’t want to read it. I thought I would not be able to bear the witchcraft and wizardry. But the bookworm in me insisted that I read it and I am glad that I did it. For me, itRead more

Myth of Motherhood

It was a bright summer afternoon of 2013. We had recently moved to the capital city and just like any working woman, I was busy with the new job and new life in a new city. But that afternoon changed my whole life. I was feeling dizzy for two days and out of the blue,Read more