Babies: Your Personal Source of Optimism

Life, after having a baby, tremendously changes. You were a carefree soul who is busy in a new job in a new field in a new city. The prime focus of your life was to absorb as much as you can in your new job. Your hubby is a man who has to go toRead more

My Lil’ One…

That’s my young man. He is now 11 months old and fast approaching to complete his first year on this earth. These days my times are spent chasing him from one corner to the another and shedding the remaining baby fat :). In the picture, he can be seen sitting and clutching my mother’s greenRead more

Well, I am back!!

It’s been a year since my last post. For last one year, I was busy enacting my new role, role of a mommy. Last March, our son Neel came, since then, the whole world has changed for me. With the job and responsibilty for a tiny human being has snatched my “alone” time from me.Read more