World Wildlife Day!!

Today is World Wildlife Day. I am not going to discuss the pros and cons of it as much were discussed and argued till now. Being a wife to a person who has dedicated his life for wildlife conservation, I am in no position to criticise anything against or for it. We live in thisRead more

Nature embraces us all…

During one of my visit to Manas..I clicked this photograph. For me, the tree appeals to embrace us all with its wide open trunks. The tree is unique and I find very comforting under its shade. Till now, whenever I visit that place, I smile to the tree and feel welcomed!!

Glimpses of History in the Jeypore Rain Forest

Migration process is one of the basic processes of human history. People migrates for better livelihood and opportunities and that is why, migration process is an integral part of socio-economic aspect of a country.  It is not that every migrant willingly shifted their bases, but some of them are forced to that. Such a storyRead more