Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

After an ages, I am coming up with the Weekly Photo Challenge (WPC) by WordPress. I love this challenge and themes where you can speak a thousand words with just one picture. But this time, WPC has come with a simple but admirable theme, admiration. But the twist in the tale is that they haveRead more

Weekly Photo Challange: One Love!

Well..for the last two years, my concept of love has changed. It is now not about holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes but holding a tiny finger and let the other person see the path in life. My son has changed the way of loving in me. My love has became less selfishRead more

Table Turned: Discomfort!!

I love to click random moments. But in a get together with some of my friends and colleagues, one of my friend aimed his camera and shot this!!! That too without my knowledge :). Luckily I did not kill him when he mailed me the photograph. Now I am not a photographer nor an artistRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up!

The two photographs, though taken off two different objects, depicts the same will i.e. to touch the sky. The tree, free from any bond, is touching the sky with her arms wide open. For me, the tree says, “do not cut me, let me, grow, let me touch the sky like the wind which playRead more