Is Good English Necessary for Blogging?

Is Good English Necessary for Blogging?

“Is good English necessary for blogging?” is one of the most common questions I face as a Writing and Blogging coach. Many people come to me and say that they would love to blog but they are not so confident about their English. Well, it is a common thought before you start something which involves Read more about Is Good English Necessary for Blogging?[…]

7 Side Hustles that Mompreneurs Should Try

This article is a part of my “How To Be a Mompreneur Series”. You can read the whole series here. Today in India, every 6 out of 10 women in India take career sabbaticals during childbirth.  Where one-third of the new moms go back to their previous works, the rest of the moms decide to Read more about 7 Side Hustles that Mompreneurs Should Try[…]

7 Things to Consider While Writing Your First Non-Fiction Book

Being an editor is not an easy job. And if you are a development editor of nonfiction books, you are in a tight position. Development editing and copy editing is one of the brainstorming jobs in the creativity world. Every now and then, I come across the question what are the things to consider while Read more about 7 Things to Consider While Writing Your First Non-Fiction Book[…]

TV commercials and Some Entangled Memories of My Childhood

Every decade in human history is special and every decade has something to add in the constant building of human civilization. Our fashion, our style, our hobbies, our attitude, everything is different in every decade. For example, the kids born in The nineties can understand the relation between a pen/pencil and an audio cassette but Read more about TV commercials and Some Entangled Memories of My Childhood[…]

Here comes the baby!!

Last two weeks were spent in very much excitement. I do not know about others but I got difficulties in sleeping and was very anxious. No,, you are thinking that I am due to give birth a child after reading the title of this post, you are partially wrong as I am here talking about my second Read more about Here comes the baby!![…]

Book Review: Reptiles of Assam

Any book on wildlife fascinates me. Perhaps it is my hubby’s influence as he is a wildlife biologist or my own interest. But reptiles, especially snakes are something that causes severe phobia to me. However, when this book was up for review, I could not ignore it. The book here for review is An Amateur’s Read more about Book Review: Reptiles of Assam[…]

What’s in a name?

‘Peaking’ of a Name In 1847, when it was first located and recorded, the corresponding officer failed to find its name. Hence, the survey team termed is as Peak ‘b’ and later as Peak XV. Everyone in the team was willing to go for its local name, as it was the norm, but failed due Read more about What’s in a name?[…]

Huh!! It’s been a while..

Well, well,well. It’s been a long while since my last post. During these days, I was busy in translocating my home to a new place and a new job. I started a new job as an in-house editor in a reputed publication house in Guwahati, Assam. As a result, I have to travel to Guwahati Read more about Huh!! It’s been a while..[…]

Lady of Light

Talk on women empowerment is something I can not tolerate. Frankly speaking I believe that no talks, no seminars, no workshops can help the people to allow themselves, especially women. A woman is a diva who has to play many roles in a single act. It is our mothers who have held our families in Read more about Lady of Light[…]

The beginner’s confessions..

Well, when I decided to start blogging, I must say I was quite enthuastic about it. I have a Google account and started a blog on blogger. At that time, I did not have a single idea about the pros and cons of it. I just needed something to write online and was happy about Read more about The beginner’s confessions..[…]