The beginner’s confessions..

Well, when I decided to start blogging, I must say I was quite enthuastic about it. I have a Google account and started a blog on blogger. At that time, I did not have a single idea about the pros and cons of it.

I just needed something to write online and was happy about it. But gradually I came know about the terms like niche, keyword, visitors, low traffic, high traffic, SEO skills, blah blah and so on. I got frustrated and stopped it completely. 

First of all, I did not know anything about SEO and that’s why got a very little traffic. And the paucity of contents was another matter. It took zillions of time to decide what topic I should choose to blog as there are millions of blog about everything on the earth, above the earth and beneath the earth!!! Speaking about the niche and I was at a loss what to do. So whenever I sit on my table to start a new writing project (well, I make a living on it!!), I gave a double thought on starting a new blog.

After dozens of day, I finally made my mind to drop the idea of blogging. I deleted my blog and went to sleep. But the devil, that is my mind, did not let it pass as just another hobby. I was determined to do something of my own. I was determined to start a blog and create my online identity as a writer.

Determined, I resolved to start a blog again. But this time, I did not jump on it. Instead, I started exploring the blogosphere. And now after a long year, here I am writing my welcome post. The blogosphere is a vast sea and I am still a beginner in all the skills which are needed to start and maintain a blog. One thing that I learned in this whole year is that you can not learn everything about blogging and even the most successful blogger is still learning.

After going through hundreds of blogs on blogging and reading a dozen of “Top 10 blogging platforms” and “World’s best blogging platforms”, I finally chose WordPress for my blog. The reasons are simple. It is quick, easy to use and every blog on blogging recommends it.


And what I will I write about? 

How about writing on writing?

I love to write anything that comes to my mind. I will write about my evolution as a writer, my experiences and expertise and offer my services to people who are struggling with writing and blogging.So, here I am with a fresh blog, fresh

So, here I am with a fresh blog, fresh ideas, and a new spirit. I have promised to make this blog a readable one and if I have failed my dear readers, please let me know.
P.S. : Happy blogging!!

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  2. Lol .. funny but true.. I sometimes loose myself somewhere .. I am currently working on a self hosted blog where we are developing some CLEAN content there.. and it takes hell lot of time to be clean .. So no worries .. There are lot many travelling in the same boat 🙂

    Cheers.. ! 🙂

    1. Yes dear..I know there are lots of people who can sing with me “We are in the same boat Brothers!!”. The post is a result of my frustration with blogging. Anyway thank you for the link and I will definitely go through it. Thanks for the motivation. Keep blogging.

  3. Thanks for the follow Puspanjalee. Look forward to hearing from you. I was a beginner not long ago and I have learnt that no matter what the first step was always the hardest. Choosing between blogger , blogspot and wordpress. Now that youve made your decision, all is well from here. Will keep visiting cause you sound so interesting. Love and luck,Sonia

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