The beginner’s confessions..

Well, when I decided to start blogging, I must say I was quite enthuastic about it. I have a Google account and started a blog on blogger. At that time, I did not have a single idea about the pros and cons of it.

I just needed something to write online and was happy about it. But gradually I came know about the terms like niche, keyword, visitors, low traffic, high traffic, SEO skills, blah blah and so on. I got frustrated and stopped it completely. 

First of all, I did not know anything about SEO and that’s why got a very little traffic. And the paucity of contents was another matter. It took zillions of time to decide what topic I should choose to blog as there are millions of blog about everything on the earth, above the earth and beneath the earth!!! Speaking about the niche and I was at a loss what to do. So whenever I sit on my table to start a new writing project (well, I make a living on it!!), I gave a double thought on starting a new blog.

After dozens of day, I finally made my mind to drop the idea of blogging. I deleted my blog and went to sleep. But the devil, that is my mind, did not let it pass as just another hobby. I was determined to do something of my own. I was determined to start a blog and create my online identity as a writer.

Determined, I resolved to start a blog again. But this time, I did not jump on it. Instead, I started exploring the blogosphere. And now after a long year, here I am writing my welcome post. The blogosphere is a vast sea and I am still a beginner in all the skills which are needed to start and maintain a blog. One thing that I learned in this whole year is that you can not learn everything about blogging and even the most successful blogger is still learning.

After going through hundreds of blogs on blogging and reading a dozen of “Top 10 blogging platforms” and “World’s best blogging platforms”, I finally chose WordPress for my blog. The reasons are simple. It is quick, easy to use and every blog on blogging recommends it.


And what I will I write about? 

How about writing on writing?

I love to write anything that comes to my mind. I will write about my evolution as a writer, my experiences and expertise and offer my services to people who are struggling with writing and blogging.So, here I am with a fresh blog, fresh

So, here I am with a fresh blog, fresh ideas, and a new spirit. I have promised to make this blog a readable one and if I have failed my dear readers, please let me know.
P.S. : Happy blogging!!

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