The first bud of a long lost flower

Love love love..
Love love love..

Flowers are lovely and plays a lovely and important role in our lives. We use it for every occasion. They are used for worship, expressing thoughts, for fragrances and lot more. They are parts of our traditions and customs.
Such a flower is Ketaki(Pandanus fascicularis). We, Assamese admire the flower for its beauty and smell. In almost every folk song, folk tale has a mention of ketaki. Ketaki is specially known for the essence extracted from it, the Kewda essance. It is used for making perfumes, aromatic oil, for adding flavors in food.

However, the plant is fighting with extinction for over-exploitation and inadequate planting. The mentions of Ketaki in our Bihu geet (Folk songs sung during Assamese New Year celebrations) have made all Assamese people fan of it. But where is the flower?? As a part of his hobby, my hubby planted a rare ketaki sapling in his garden before 13 years. And yesterday, when he cried me loud, I did not have a single hint of what happened. But what I saw gave me the rarest of rare feeling.The first bud of his ketaki plant sprung out after long 13 years and it was so lovely to see two droplets of happiness in his eyes. Kudos to my man and his love for nature, I can actually not only see but touch and feel our beloved Ketaki which is synonyms to love for Assamese people.

The full household and the surrounding area is now filled with the sweet smell of a single flower. We hope, near future the plant will make us sweet with its flowers. A flower of love!!

2 thoughts on “The first bud of a long lost flower

  1. “O ketaki flower! Serpents live in your midst, you bear no edible fruits, your leaves are covered with thorns, you are crooked in growth, you thrive in mud, and you are not easily accessible. Still for your exceptional fragrance you are as dear as kinsmen to others. Hence, a single excellence overcomes a multitude of blemishes.” – Chanakya

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